So, this is Trioxin : Devouring the flesh of the living.  Yes it’s long-winded, but it gets the point across : mixing terms from 2 classic Zombie movies must mean that this blog is about those rotten cemetery-dwellers.  And that would be right.

The basic premise here is that I have acquired a growing obsession with all things zombie, and need an outlet to vent.  I could just rant on to friends and colleagues about the fantastic mess of a Zombie movie I recently watched, but it seems these people do not share my enthusiasm!  Honestly, what is up with the world, eh?

Soooo, I’ve begun this blog.  I intend to collect as many Undead films as there are in existence.  I will voluntarily fill shelves and shelves in my flat with video and DVD zombie crud.  (And i’m well on my way already!)  When I watch any of these films I shall detail in these pages what on earth was going on in these films, as a means to keep track of my collection.


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Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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