Zombie Movie Review: Flight of the Living Dead

This film is showing on Netflix Instant US. Visit Blog of the Living Dead for details.

Vector image for zombie movie Plane Dead

Vector image for zombie movie Plane Dead

AKA Plane Dead

“Your ‘Side Effects’ have eaten half the passengers!”

In simple terms, Snakes on a Plane. But with zombies. Certainly not the greatest Zombie flick in history, or even in recent years, but reasonably enjoyable.

Cryogenic zombie being transported in passenger jet. Lightning strikes plane…. off we go!

US Jocks on their way to a surfing holiday – in Paris, (hmm) get eaten. Nun gets eaten, but doesn’t get to go Ninja-Nun on some zombie ass beforehand, OR even eat anyone else as a Zombie Nun! (Wasted opportunity). Japanese man gets turned into a zombie while wearing his seatbelt, and spends the film sat there trying to bite passengers from his seat. (And even tries to eat a whole fighter jet. As you do).

Sounds brilliant, yes, but really lacking in the primary areas of trashy zombie films – gore and norks. The gore consists of just blood being sprayed everywhere. Very little actual munching or gory bits. Guy does get his head knocked away with a golf club, and some legs get ripped off, but that’s it though. Very tame. Also, what’s going on with the couple sneaking off to the lav for a quickie, but then just cutting to them returning to their seats! (Even Snakes On A Plane managed a nookie scene). Dear o’ dear.

If you’re making a trashy zombie film, it needs the trash.
Gore Score – 2/5
Norks Score – 0.5/5
Overall Score – 3/5
Low on trash, but still enjoyable.


One response to “Zombie Movie Review: Flight of the Living Dead

  1. I quite agree with your thoughts on this. I enjoyed it, and it certainly wasn’t bad. I think the unique (for a zombie movie) setting has made it memorable for me, It’s a film to watch with friends whilst drunk I feel.

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