Zombie Movie Review: Bio-Zombie

Vector image for movie Bio Zombie

Vector image for movie Bio Zombie


Ah, zombies in a shopping mall. What a great idea!

Hong-Kong horror\comedy with zombies, mostly following 2 guys, Woody Invincible and Crazy-Bee. (Oh yes, i’m giving my kids these names!), as they work, go on the rob, drink and kill zombies.

Carrying around biological warfare chemicals in Lucozade bottles is probably not a good idea. Also, having it poured down your throat and then getting locked in a car boot in a shopping centre car-park after almost being run over probably isn’t going to make for your ideal day. This is probably why the guy Woody and Crazy-Bee left in said car-park goes ‘a bit mental’ and turns Zombie, and starts eating all the people in the Mall.

Cue lots of terrible makeup effects, fantastically bad English translations, and rampaging Shopping Mall Zombies, with some Computer Gaming references thrown in for good measure.

Certainly the best Zombie film from the East that I know of. Actually, it’s the only one. It’s pretty funny in places, and once the action ramps up after the 1st 45 minutes it’s actually a pretty decent zombie film. Pity the Gore isn’t that exciting, but then it does look like it had a budget of only a few hundred quid.

Gore Score 2\5
Nork Score 0\5
Overall Score 3\5


One response to “Zombie Movie Review: Bio-Zombie

  1. This film is so damn funny! I really really enjoyed this, the awful translation makes it all the better. Surprisingly depressing towards the end, but real fun. I had a friend who I lent this to, and she didnt realise there was an option for subtitles, so she watched the whole thing not having a clue what was going on, and she still enjoyed it. Put me off Lucozade for life, lol

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