Zombie Movie Review: Night Of The Creeps

Vector Image for zombie movie Night of the Creeps

Vector Image for zombie movie Night of the Creeps

It has occured to me that I have been watching mostly modern (1995+) Zombie flicks recently, so i’m working back through the years, and for the 2nd time in a row have gone for some mid 80’s comedy zombie fare, with Night Of The Creeps.

Night of the Creeps revolves around a Ginger loser kid, and his dribbly friend (well, he’s crutches-bound, but that counts as dribbly in my book). This annoying ginger nerd is so scared to chat to the girl of his lustings dreams that he would rather break into a medical research company and steal a corpse than simply go up and chat to her. Sheesh.
Surprisingly, this all goes wrong and the corpse they steal happens to be a frozen cryogenic zombie with a head full of toxic slugs. So, off trots the Zombie, his head explodes with all these slugs, the slugs feed themselves to regular humans, who turn slug filled zombies themselves… and so on. There is still plenty of time for the odd Shower scene (naturally), unexplained 50 year old dead murderer ressurections, and zombie cats and dogs. Also, to top it off there are some chubby E.T. aliens.

As with almost all Zombie films, this is ace. Gore, Norks and Laughs. What more do you want from this sort of film, eh?

Gore Score : 3\5
Norks Score : 3\5
Overall Score : 4\5. Works best with Alcohol, for sure. No scares, but plenty of nonsense.

Right. That’s the comedy film out of my system for now. I have an urging for some proper 70’s Italian Gore! So, what to choose, what to choose…


6 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Night Of The Creeps

    • Funny, I never knew this movie existed, but just stumbled upon the trailer… it looks entertaining so I think I’ll watch it, but the very first thing that came to mind was Resident Evil 0. I googled “Resident Evil 0 and Night of the Creeps” and this was the only post I found. Thought I’d letcha know! Haha!

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