Zombie Movie Review: The Nights Of Terror

Vector Image for zombie movie Nights of Terror

Vector Image for zombie movie Nights of Terror

AKA Burial Ground \ Zombie 3 \ Le Notti Del Terrore.

So, Italian Zombie movies are pretty much all great. Having sat through many modern Zombie films i’ve had a hankerin’ for some quality, and having never seen this baby I thought I’d give it a go.
There are plenty of Zombies here, almost all of them are smarter than the humans. Honestly, if you knew Zombies were bashing down your front door with a battering ram, would you stand by the door watching, only running away once they break through? Morons! Bashing zombies in the shoulder with plastic candlestick holders, or sitting in the corner of a room full of Zombies with only a broomstick for company instead of walking out the room means all these dumbasses deserve all they get. Especially as these Zombies carry weapons, including a Scythe.
However, the main highlight here is having a (presumably) 30 year old midget wierdo cast as a teenage, incestuous, nipple eating freak. Pure genius! Probably the only Zombie film i’ve with gore, zombies, and incest.

Gore Score – 3\5
Norks Score – 3\5
Overall Score – 4\5


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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