Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Holocaust

Vector image for movie Zombie Holocaust

Vector image for movie Zombie Holocaust

AKA Doctor Butcher MD
I have chosen another 70’s Italian zombie flick here, mainly from having watched a lot of modern crud and realising the Italians pretty much hit the formula spot on, 30 years ago. (This formula being great non-CGI gore, stupid looking Zombie makeup made of clay and moss, and pointless gratuitous norks a plenty).
Zombie Holocaust seems to be a greatest hits of zombie scenes from this era, except it seems to include plenty of Cannibals, and very little in the way of zombies, which is frankly a tad disappointing.

However, onto the important part : The Gore. There is plenty of cannibal organ munching, some impressive eye gouging, a few severed limbs, some scalping’s, the odd impaling, and a wonderful zombie face vs boat propeller (a film highlight). Top this off with the required nork scenes (painted up with hippy flowers) and you’ve got a pretty impressive film.
Obviously the plot is pure bumf, and just an excuse to get the characters onto the zombie island ready to be slaughtered, but then that’s all you really need. I’ll watch COMMANDO if I’m looking for a film with a decent plot. If it’s nonsense gore and zombies, I’ll take that any day.

Gore Score 4\5
Norks Score 3\5
Overall Score 3.5\5 (Would be a 4 if the zombies actually did something, rather than just stand around groaning).


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Holocaust

  1. I watched this a few years back… I went crazy and brought every zombie dvd I could find off of ebay and this little gem was one of them!

    Great idea for a blog by the way!

  2. Good to see a generally positive review of this under-rated classic! You’ve gotta love Ian McCulloch and his awesome flippancy in the face of seeing one of his expedition with limbs torn off and intestines hanging out: “See this is what happens when you don’t do as your told” and then… “Come on then, bury him and lets get move on.” What an awesome heartless bastard.

    Also this film has the immortal line “I could kill you now, but I’m determined to have your brain!” Enough said.

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