Zombie Movie Review: Dead And Deader

Vector image for zombie movie Dead and Deader

Vector image for zombie movie Dead and Deader

This film is showing on Netflix Instant US. Visit Blog of the Living Dead for details.

Although I watched this film a few weeks back I never got around to sticking it up here. This is the case of many films, so i’m working back through memory for my next few posts.

Dead and Deader stars Dean Cain as a Zombie army bod who wakes up on the autopsy table still semi-alive. After cutting the Zombie Parasitic Scorpion out of himself he goes off exploring, trying to find his (now full on) zombie cadet mates, and trying to prevent the inevitable zombie carnage. All this despite a constant hungering for raw meat. Such carnage revolves around the typical Government Experiments style plot, and some zombie scorpions.

For a modern Zombie film, this is surprisingly decent. the gore is pretty well done, if not OTT enough for gore-hounds like myself, and the story is way more original than I had expected.

The several ‘self referencial’ nods to zombie films I found pretty annoying, but then I hate that sort of thing. (Just get on with the trash, don’t try to be clever), but these are minimal and pretty well scripted.

Overall for a throwaway zombie film, it’s not too bad. Some nice ideas, and it shows that there are still plenty of avenues to explore for our Zombie buddies in the 21st century.

Gore Score : 3/5
Nork Score : 1/5
Overall Score : 3/5


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