An update..

So, been a bit lax with the old blog updates of late. Christmas and all that malarkey, as well as good old fashioned laziness! However, I can use this free opportunity to give a brief summary of the Zombie antics that have taken up the last month or so.

I’ve been hitting eBay pretty hard now for any outstanding Zombie films missing from the collection, and have finally got around to picking up a copy of Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, which is a true classic.  (Dunno why it’s taken me so long to get that.  It’s not exactly rare or anything.)   I am still hunting for a (well priced) box set of the Blind Dead films, (the US version comes in a cool coffin box and is the edition with the full versions of the films, unlike the UK edition).  After these it is just the new and obscure flicks I’ll be hunting down, as my collection contains most of the so-called classics already.

However, I have still been watching a load of my current films, but have not got around to commenting on them as yet, so expect my amazingly witty responses on the following films in the next month or so…

Diary of the Dead (oh yes, the new Romero film. I’ve seen it and it was gooood – Killing zombies with defibrillators should be the new decapitation!), Night of the Living Dead 3D, Dead Heat, The Beyond, Dead and Buried, Shatter Dead, Buttcrack, Zombie Diaries, and Planet Terror.

I realise I could give quick summaries of these here and now, but much of the reason I started this blog was to play around with Vector images, which is the part that takes the time. The ‘review’ I just knock up in a few minutes, as you can probably tell with the past articles!

So, i’m off to enjoy Christmas shopping on eBay. Might not just shop for stuff for me this year!

(Also, I have just noticed that the WordPress spell-check does not recognise the word ‘Blog’.  Hmm, bizarre.)


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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