Feature: An End of Year Cleanup.

Man alive, I don’t half watch a shed load of these movies.  I honestly don’t think i’ll ever get around to disecting each and every one that I have seen since starting this blog, and with so many, many (many) more to be watching I think I shall just draw a line and start afresh after this post.  It is supposed to be a Blog after all, not a review site.
Yes, I have watched some classics that really deserve a full mention, but I just don’t have the time.  I am sure I shall probably watch them all again sometime next year (with the possible exception of Kung Fu Zombie, which was mostly notable for the subtitles that half ran off the screen so I mostly had no idea what was going on.  It was ace though). I shall just give each one a quick summary now and move on. (Hyperlinked titles take you to the actual review, if available)

City of the Living Dead – Classic Fulci, nonsense plot, awesome gore and great music.  4\5
Nightmare City – Radioactive Zombies, with plenty of gratuiotous nork shots, and a dumb\great ending 4\5
Kung Fu Zombie – Terribly subtitled, mostly kung fu film, but worth sticking on after the pub. 2\5
The Last Man On Earth – A classic Vincent Price film.  Apparently they are Vampires not Zombies, but who do they think they’re kidding?  4\5
Living Dead at Manchester Morgue – Fantastic.  As far as Zombies go these are actually bordering of genuinely scary.  Plus all the dubbing of OTT english dialects is amazing 5\5
Plague of the Zombies – Another classic, and a decent Hammer film! (Yes I know, they did good here).  Dream sequence is rightfully a highlight in zombie film history 4\5
Night of the Living Dead 3D – Stupid ‘remake’, with shoe-horned in 3D glasses effect.  Pretty funny though and well made.  3\5
Dead Heat – Buddy cop Zombie move.  Spectacularly 80’s, and pretty funny. Kinda like an 80’s version of Dead and Deader. 3\5
The Beyond – Stone cold classic.  I find myself watching this every few months, so a post on this soon is very likely 5\5
Dead and Buried – more supernatural than Zombies, and I was pretty drunk while watching it so don’t remember much.  Think it was good in a traditional rather than trashy way though.
Shatter Dead – Shot On Video film.  Has a great plot and would be good to see a remake or an update of some sort.  3\5
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires – A Hammer Vampire film, with some zombies that don’t really do much apart from loiter around.  2\5
Buttcrack – Stupid Troma film.  The main character is hilarious, but when hes not on screen it’s dull beyone belief. 2\5
Zombie Diaries – Interesting idea, but done much better in Diary of the Dead.  3\5
Planet Terror – Spectacularly OTT zombie farce.  Gory, stupid and awesome.  Just how I like it. 4\5

I’m sure i’ve forgotten loads too, but this is a pretty substantial list here.

Right, from now on I’ll have my Laptop next to me while watching them, so I can brain-dump into it after watching the films.  I just hope I don’t spill wine or something into it, as i’ll probably have polished off a few glasses by the time the film ends.  Hopefully I won’t build up such a back catalogue this time.

On another note, I just received a nice Christmas email from eBay, telling me that my copy of the uncut I Spit on Your Grave has been dispatched.  It’s not a zombie film I know, but I thought I should mention that I do watch other types of films.  (Yes, it is a horror I suppose, but I don’t like to stray to far into regular film territory.  I had enough Jane Austin crap-fests to endure when I had a live in Girlfriend, so now I can watch decent stuff.)

So, that’s probably the last post of the year.  I’ll start off the New Year in style I think.  I have a week to pick what to watch.  Hmm, this could take some time…


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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