Zombie Movie Review: Fido

Vector Image for zombie movie Fido

Vector Image for zombie movie Fido

I use EBay to get most of my films for several reasons. Firstly, the local ASDA doesn’t seem to stock the DVD monstrosities that I love. Secondly it is the best way to get the proper uncut DVDs, (Not the ones ruined by our BBFC chumps). And finally, films that have been out for months abroad that don’t even have UK release dates are available to buy, often much cheaper than they would be over here anyway. This is how I came to purchase FIDO, a Canadian Zombie film released in 2006 and not out over here for god knows when.

Fido is a great example of just how versatile Zombies films can be. I can’t think of another Zombie film set in an alternative 1950’s history where Zombies have been domesticated (of sorts) following the harrowing ‘Zombie Wars’ to be kept as servants for their human masters. Sure, they still have the urge to kill, but not when they have been collared up in fancy metallic choker with built in kill inhibitors.

Set in a fenced off little suburb somewhere in America (the fences keep the feral Zombies out), the family Robinson get their very own Zombie, so that they are no longer the only house in the street without one. Being a scrawny loser, Timmy Robinson can’t actually get any real friends of his own so starts to hang out with the zombie, naming him Fido. Somewhat surprisingly Fido’s collar malfunctions and as a result he goes off and kills. Well, he only gets the chance for 1 kill before returning to his normal subdued groaning, but one new zombie leads to another, and then another, and another, until the colourful little village has their own little plague of zombies.

I hope it gets a decent UK release over here, much as Black Sheep did, because I think it will go down well with the cult crowds. True, there is practically no gore, and not a hint of nork (even the neighbours’ sex-zombie doesn’t get up to anything!), but it was funny, brilliantly filmed, has some great acting (especially Billy Connolly as Fido the star zombie, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Timmys Mother), and is one of the most original zombie films that I have seen for a long time. And i’ve seen an awful lot of zombie films.

Gore Score 2\5
Nork Score 0\5
Overall Score 4\5


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Fido

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  2. Great review. I like the way you think. Personally, I think this movie has all the right things going for it. Amazing cast, great cinematography, unique premises and lots of laughs. I think it’s great to see a zombie-apocalypse movie where humanity is improved as a result. What would you do with your own zombie servant? I’d get him to fold laundry. I have laundry.

    I also got the chance to review this movie on my Horror Movie Review blog. Take a look if you get a chance, I can always use some feedback from another critic.


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