Zombie Movie Review: Graveyard Alive : A Zombie Nurse In Love

Vector image for zombie movie Graveyard Alive

Vector image for zombie movie Graveyard Alive

The evening is winding to a close and i’ve yet to even open any wine. My housemate is still travelling back from work, because he is a mentalist who enjoys 5 hour round trips to get to and from his office every day, with added craziness as he even works late some evenings, such as tonight. Half the fun of watching so many obscure Zombie films is inflicting them on other people, so I decide to wait until he romps on home, and thusly my choices for films are limited to short(ish) DVDs.

Graveyard Alive is around 80 minutes of black and white soap opera. With added Zombies, naturally.

Set in a Hospital, Graveyard Alive follows the adventures of Frumpy Patsy Powers as she gets bitten by a patient (with an axe in his face), who turns out to be a Zombie. Therefore Patsy turns slowly into a zombie herself. However, having not actually died she remains straight in the brain and is still able to date weird blokes, dress up all sexy-like, and kill off patients for her to chop up and feed on. (Or store parts of in her fridge). All the while trying to get her groove on with the currently engaged Doctor Dox, and accidentally turning most of the people she meets into zombies themselves.

The acting here is what I like to term ‘deliberately over the top panto style’, with the dialogue (intentionally overdubbed) to match. This just adds to the fun, which is good as there is precious little gore, and not even a hint of norks. Still, like most zombie films I loved it.

I’m not sure if the comments about a sequel at the end of the DVD are true, but I kinda hope they are, ‘cos I could watch more zombie nurse adventures.

Gore Score 2\5
Norks Score 0\5
Overall Score 3\5


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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