Zombie Movie Review: Tombs of the Blind Dead

Vector image for the zombie movie Tombs of the Blind Dead

Vector image for the zombie movie Tombs of the Blind Dead

It took some unusually awkward bantering on eBay to secure the Blind Dead US boxset. (The box set not only looks cooler in it’s coffin box than the English version, but the films are the full Spanish versions.) Luckily my canny bargaining tools did me proud (ie paying what was demanded despite the postage costs being totally ridiculous) and I got hold of it, so panic over.

Even I don’t have enough spare time to watch all 4 films in a row, so I’ll take these one at a time starting with the first one, because that is the sensible way to do it.

Tombs of the Blind Dead is a 70’s zombie (or mummy, or some other form of undead skeleton) horror flick. After jumping from a train upon remembering that she is a Lesbian, a ginger lass decides that the best thing to do is to rummage around in an old ruined monastery for a place to kip. Bad luck for her though, as this monastery is home to Skeletor and his mates, who rise up from the grave guided by the sound of this girls radio, and proceed to chase after her on horseback (although where these horses are kept during the day doesn’t seem to be thought about).

After being chased down, munched on and left for dead her boyfriend and ex lesbian lover get together to try to find out what happened to her, (along with some random gang-member locals.) This involves going to the monastery, being chased by the same zombies, and getting munched on.

It is pretty atmospheric stuff, especially the blind zombies tracking people purely on their heartbeat, and the cloaked zombie hoards on horseback chasing the people through the fields. I have a feeling I read somewhere that this film was an inspiration for the Nazgul dark riders in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, and that isn’t surprising.

The gore is rather mild and obviously very 70’s, with the rubber skin being stabbed, and the odd fake limb being chopped off. Thankfully this one does have a nork count, something most of my recently view films have been lacking (although sadly not in the flashback lesbian scene!).

Gore Score 2.5\5
Norks Score 3\5
Overall Score 4\5

I look forward to checking out the sequels, but I think i’ll spread them out, as I have a lot to get through.


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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