Zombie Movie Review: The Grapes Of Death

Vector image for zombie movie The Grapes of Death

Vector image for zombie movie The Grapes of Death

Man, this film is a real horror film for me. Wine that is poisonous!? Sheesh, thank God* I was drinking Guinness during this!

I have been a fan of French cinema for years, although I can count the number of French films that I have seen on one just hand (La Haine, Frontiere(s), a l’interieur, and probably 1 or 2 i’ve forgotten) but they have all been excellent, only suffering from the one problem – lack of Zombies. Thankfully this effort from the 70’s (when else?) rectifies this missing puzzle piece.

Coincidentally, this is the 2nd zombie film in a row that I have seen that starts with a pair of girls on a train, where one gets spooked and runs away into a nearly deserted village (See Tombs Of The Blind Dead). However, this girl wasn’t running away from potential lesbianism, rather because a mutant dude with a rapidly melting face sat down opposite her and then tried to kill her. In this case I don’t blame her for running off, I suppose.

The film continues with this girl running through villages encountering mutated dudes and crazy ladies. These ladies consist of blind ones, some who are mental and grin randomly, and some who look after their wife-murdering melty-faced fathers. All of these girls go topless for various random reasons before, (or usually during) being killed off. For one of these girls ‘going topless’ takes on another level – ie being decapitated and having her head carried around and ‘romanced’ for the remainder of the film.

There is more to the film that this, obviously. The girl meets some gun happy non-zombies who help her to supposed safety, although this safety is the Vineyard that the poisoned wine came from. (Personally once i’d figured out where the zombification originated I would try to avoid this obvious centre of the outspread. But then these people are French.)

Obviously, this is all cool. Add in the remarkably gross scene of a zombie who rubs his pus-filled forehead into a car window, smearing goo everywhere, and the aforementioned Decapitation scene, (with brilliantly rubber looking head), and you’ve got a winning Zombie film. Gore, Norks, Gore and stupid plot. What else can you want?

Gore Score 3.5/5
Norks Score 3.5/5
Overall Score 3.5/5

3.5 for everything there. Something for everyone, and of particular note for some of the best norks this side of Dellamorte Dellamore.

*Flying Spaghetti monster


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