Zombie Movie Review: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Vector image for zombie movie children shouldn't play with dead things

Vector image for zombie movie children shouldn't play with dead things

I am enjoying my week off work where my plan was to do as little as possible. Eat Pringles, Drink Guinness and Wine (separately of course. I’m not weird), and watch quality films. However tonight it hit 10:30 and after kind of watching the England football match (it was on TV in the background while I pissed around on t’interweb) and my housemate went to bed, which meant that the quality film idea went out the window and I could watch a decent film that nobody else cares about watching. (I inflict enough zombie trash on him it seems unfair to make him watch every one of my films). This is why I chose to watch Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, as I believed it would be nonsense rubbish.

How wrong I was – This film was great, and is something like a cross between The Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead.
This 1972 film started off very strange. A troop of 70’s theatre types (thespians – ha ha ha) for some reason decide to go to an island graveyard at midnight to bring a dead body back to life. Their plans fail, so they take the dead body back to the local forest hut and chill out with this cadaver for the night. Nobody seems to care about sharing their evening with a rotting corpse, but hey, that’s actor-types for you.  Maybe they think they’re hanging out with Clive Owen or something.
Surprisingly enough, the raise-the-dead spell from earlier on has a delayed reaction, and the whole graveyard population come to life and turn their attention to the little forest hut.

It is at this point that the film turns classic horror. The little forest hut comes under siege, volunteers attempt to run for help, but get only about 10 feet before getting killed off, and a dude tries to drag a lady to safety but instead opts to throw her to the zombies to aid his own escape.

There is precious little gore here and nothing in the Nork count, but the makeup effects are awesome (even more so considering this was made in the early 70’s!) and the whole story moves from comedy-bizarro to outright horror, so I loved it.
I was expecting so little, but this gem turned out a, well, gem.

Gore Score – 2\5 (For zombie makeup, nothing else).
Norks Score – 0\5
Overall Score 4\5


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