Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Creeping Flesh

Vector for movie Zombie Creeping Flesh

Vector for movie Zombie Creeping Flesh

Well I suppose it had to happen. A Zombie film that I don’t actually want to watch again. And it’s an Italian one too, which is even more surprising.

So many elements here should work – great gore, a soundtrack by Goblin (even though it is just the recycled Dawn of the Dead track), and the usual Italian zombie nonsense acting that I usually love – but here it is just so, well, boring.

The plot here revolves around some scientific base creating a special gas of some sort that will cause the population of the 3rd World to feast on each other, therefore removing the food crisis and overpopulation over there, but the gas escapes and infects the population. As you’d expect. An interesting idea, sure, but it is just put together in such a boring way.

Some SWAT team members from whatever country this is initially set in (although it must be a rather retarded country as they have hired 4 old sleazy trampy looking men for their elite SWAT team) are dispatched to New Guinea to tackle the zombie outbreak, and are accompanied by a few journalists (who appear more like holidaying students than professionals). For a whole Zombie outbreak you’d have thought that more than 4 old men would be sent in but hey, this film had a small budget. (Their uniforms are just blue denim shirts, jeans and caps after all). To prove that this film is set in New Guinea, every 5 minutes or so some crappy stock footage of monkeys or elephants is inserted with no actual bearing on the story. This footage is of even lower quality than the main film, which makes it even less subtle, and just makes you realise how cheap and empty of ideas this movie is.

Sure there are good parts. Some fantastic gore as only the Italians can pull off (a hand pushed up inside someones mouth and up into their skull, forcing the eyes out their sockets. Best part of the film hands down) as well as the obligatory close up norks shot, but there are so many films that do all this so much better.

I’m just glad that my evening wasn’t totally wasted, because I watched Wrong Turn 2 before this one, and that one totally satisfied my lust for OTT gore.

Gore Score 3\5
Norks Score 2\5
Overall Score 2\5


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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