Zombie Movie Review: Shock Waves

Vector image for zombie movie Shockwaves

Vector image for zombie movie Shockwaves

So it’s Sunday night, and what better way to set up another week than by watching yet another Zombie film that I have never seen.

Having been somewhat disheartened in zombie films following the abomination that was Zombie Creeping Flesh I felt that I needed a nudge back into the enjoyment territory and thought that a cult classic was called for, and after a rummage through my shelving (ooh eer!) i settled on this little number starring a certain Peter Cushing and John Carradine.

Surprisingly, this film joins Zombie Lake as another entry into the “Nazi Zombies Living Underwater” genre – a genre that I would not have expected to contain more than 1 entry to be honest, yet here we have another. However this film came along a good 2 or 3 years earlier, and is an infinitely better film.

A diving tour are shipwrecked on an almost desert island, save for an old Peter Cushing Nazi commander who has been living in a wrecked hotel for the past few decades. By some uncanny coincidence the visiting castaways have turned up on the island at exactly the same time as the Nazi Zombies living in the ocean decide to rock on back up to the surface for a murderous rampage.

Naturally most of the entire crew are slaughtered in many (sadly unbloody) methods, although it is not the deaths that make this film so enjoyable but the creepy zombies themselves. Slowly rising up from the sea in unison, dozens of freaky goggle-clad zombies stalk the remaining survivors, usually drowning them, before returning to the sea.

Some of the acting is pretty dodgy and the whole story doesn’t really go anywhere, but despite all this I really rated this film as an original entry in the zombie market and a surprisingly creepy little number. It makes me think that horror films are highly effective when set in and around the ocean, as it provides a vast apparent wilderness where anything can be lurking just metres away. Who really knows what lurks out there? (Besides giant sharks, of course).

Could’ve done with a nudey volleyball match though, but then that probably applies to most films.

Gore Score 2\5
Norks Score 0\5
Overall Score 3.5\5


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