Zombie Movie Review: Junk

Vector image for zombie movie Junk

Vector image for zombie movie Junk

I am impressed that I seem to be keeping on top of my Zombie film watching and blogging considering how often I watch these films. This is possibly because I recently invested in a laptop, meaning that I can do the write ups while bumming around watching cruddy TV. Some people use laptops to carry their office work home with them, but I use mine to piss around on t’internet while sat on the sofa in the lounge, and I reckon this is pretty much the standard use of laptops in the world.

Tonight I am using my laptop for vectoring an image from the DVD of Junk that I watched yesterday, and to do a quick writeup of this film. And here it is.

I believe this is my second write up of an Asian zombie film, and happily this film is much better than the first : Bio-Zombie. It is a pretty standard fare as far as Zombie films go. A bunch of kids end up in an abandoned building that happens to be full of corpses that surprisingly get resurrected by a bizarre neon-green liquid *cough* re-animator *cough*. These kids, and a bunch of Yakuza (it is a stereotypical Japanese film after all) end up getting eaten up by the Zombies, along with some military peeps who decide to pop along to the zombie epicentre, although some of them choose to find an escape route, as all sensible people would do.

The gore in this film is pretty cool too. Surprisingly there was a scene here that i’ve never seen before – a half eaten Zombie pulls flesh out of his own stomach wounds to eat himself – along with loads of great gunshot wounds (A bullet in the forehead keeps squirting blood all over the place until the zombie collapses) along with numerous bitewounds.

Not only is the gore great, but this film opens with a norks shot which cannot be bad.

Overall, a great fun zombie film with quality zombie makeup and plenty of original gore (Awesomely, one character goes rummaging around inside the guts of a mutilated corpse to find a keyring that it swallowed… urgh!).

Gore Score B
Norks Score C
Overall Score B

Yes, i’m changing my rating score. It’s getting too fiddly to figure out a numeric score so i’m going with exam scoring. An A+ is good and an F is crud. It seems easier to understand this way.

Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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