Zombie Movie Review: Automaton Transfusion

AKA Zombie Transfusion

Vector image for zombie movie Automaton Transfusion

Vector image for zombie movie Automaton Transfusion

I had heard quite a bit about this film on the rumour mill that is “The Internet”, so when it was released in the US on DVD I thought i’d take the plunge and pay the £15 or whatever it was to get it imported. That was quite a risk for me really as I don’t usually like to pay more than a fiver for my DVDs. Luckily it wasn’t a waste, as there was plenty of enjoyment in this bizarrely named Zombie film.
Worryingly it appeared to start off as a standard Teen Horror film, which usually means it’s gonna be crud (see Return of the Living Dead 4 for example!), but I needn’t have worried, as this was so far away from that crapfest it puts it to shame.

There is some plot in here but it’s pretty bog standard stuff – Corpses are somehow reanimated when they die, and try to eat everyone in sight until the film finishes – but that doesn’t really matter. Also, this film uses the often disliked Speedy Zombies which I myself don’t usually go for, but it seems to work pretty well here as this film is much more action based rather than story focused, and slow shambling zombies would slow everything down (which would be a worry as this film is only just around 70 minutes long).

Mixed up in all this action is some surprisingly decent gore, particularly the jaw removal and the pregnant woman having her foetus ripped out (with subsequent devourment). Also there is a nice little eye gouge scene, which I took as an Homage to Zombie Flesh Eaters rather than an original addition.

Apparently this film was shot on a budget of only $30,000 (£15,000), which is pretty incredible considering how much action, gore and effects are in this. However the cost probably didn’t stretch to decent cameras as the framerate is pretty dire, plus the picture is of the non-anamorphic squished up variety.

I don’t mind all these little quirks though, as it’s obviously a film made by real Zombie fans, rather than a quick moneyspinning corporate effort. A sequel is in the works, which I shall certainly be picking up. The story did end rather abruptly though, just like this blog entry.

Gore Score B-
Norks Score D
Overall Score C+


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Automaton Transfusion

  1. A lot of people seem to hate this movie. I liked it though, and I’m glad to finally see a positive review for it. The ending was unforgivable though, it’s 2011 and still no sequel in sight.

    • Yeah I have pretty much given up hope of a continuation of this story. The closest that they came was just re-releasing the movie under the name ‘Zombie Transfusion’.

      IMDB has pt 2 down for ‘2012’ but I’ll believe that when I see it!

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