Zombie Movie Review: Toxic Zombies

Vector image for movie Toxic Zombies

Vector image for movie Toxic Zombies

Well it’s day one of my full week off work, and so far my plans stretch as far as ‘pick up the crisp packets that have blown into the garden and…..’ well, that’s it. After all that exertion I felt I needed to relax, so I opened a bag of Haribo and picked out a trash zombie film from my stack.

Toxic Zombie is a proper tacky Zombie film from 1980. It opens with a shotgun toting Peter Sutcliffe lookalike and his mate searching through some forest for something or other. Turns out they are actually very scruffy FBI agents and they are hunting hippies. One such Hippy happens to be a topless young lass sat in the undergrowth sponging herself down with a bucket and sponge, so naturally these government types shoot her through the neck then her hippy mates stab and strangle these agents to death. Oh yes, these are violent hippies indeed, and soon to get more so.

It turns out these hippies have been growing some Marijuana in this woodland and the government somehow know about this, but don’t actually know where exactly. Their plan to deal with this horror? Send out a drunk crop-duster pilot in a plane full of human-mutating pesticides. Naturally this pesticide covers all the hippies and they go off on a murderous rampage, chasing everybody around the woodland for the remaining 60 minutes of the film.

This film wins bonus points for its totally inept gore, plus there is a Father character who calls his own son a retard, then runs away from the Zombies shoving his wife out of the way and on the floor in the process. Then there is the opening gratuitous nork shot with the lady and her bucket, which is nice.

Gore Score D
Norks Score C
Overall Score C


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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