Zombie Movie Review: Stacy

Vector image for zombie movie Stacy

Vector image for zombie movie Stacy

Being on holiday without a single real plan is great. Two Zombie films in one day! This particular gem was easily the best of the two, and one of the better ones i’ve actually seen recently.

Stacy is one of the strangest Zombie films i’ve seen in a long time, and probably the best Asian zombie film from my collection even though I don’t really have a faintest idea what is going on.

Schoolgirls are all dying off when they hit their late teens and are somehow resurrected as flesh eating zombies (called Stacies for some reason). Before they die these girls become maniacally happy, suffering from “Near Death Happiness” which seems to cause them to dance around and giggle as only Japanese schoolgirls can. There are some government zombie killing squads (The Romero Repeat Kill Squad), who get called in to dismember (into 165 pieces) the zombie girls. They can be killed off with Shopping Channel bought chainsaws (Branded – “Blues Campbell Right Arm #2”), but you gotta chop ’em up good, or the parts keep on a’wrigglin. Oh yes, and these zombie girls glow blue and telepathise with each other. Toss in some scientist blokes, and a puppeteer who falls in love with a Near Death Happiness schoolgirl and you got a bizarre little zombie number.

But oh, The Gore. Oh my, this one is one of the gories films i’ve seen in a long long time, and will probably creep into my Top 3 Gore list (see right panel). Heads are blown apart, eyeballs shot out, disembowlings’, gut eatings’ and many many decapitations’ (leaving the spinal cord attached no less). Despite being so gory it never really seems to be that gross, as the film is so bizarre that all the gore just seems comedic.

There is probably some meaning behind all this nonsense, but I’ll just assume it is because dozens of 18 year old schoolgirls prancing around is a great concept for a film. Heck, replace the Zombies with Geography teachers or something and i’d still watch it.

Gore Score B
Norks Score F
Overall Score B


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