Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Night

Vector image for movie Zombie Night

Vector image for movie Zombie Night

I don’t mind watching cheapo SOV zombie films because usually the people who make them have some interesting ideas to bring to the zombie movie table.  (Shatter Dead, Automaton Transfusion…) They are made by zombie fans who feel that the films they want to see just aren’t being produced by the mainstream movie industry, and so it is often the case with these films that you have to look past the crappy acting, directing and special effects and just appreciate the original story idea that the film makers had to offer.

However, this particular film seems to break with this tradition, as they have just cobbled together a rather crappy remake of Night Of The Living Dead, but included dozens more human characters, and have the film take place in an abandoned warehouse instead.

Perhaps the angle here is that we should be interested in how real people deal with a zombie outbreak crisis, but if this were the case then surely at least one of these 20 odd characters would have a shred of personality, rather than just be a bunch of nameless nobodies who have no reason to be here and no discernible talent of any form.  All that happens here is that a bunch of people end up in an empty building and discuss how to keep the zombies away.  Then they move on to another building, meet more boring characters and shack up together so that there are more people to ponder the best way to baracade themselves into the building.

OK, there is one other character who is just a cliche crazy dude, who for some reason or another thinks he’s better off by himself and proves this by randomly killing a few survivors and then leaves the group, only to return every 10 minutes or so when the film is getting boring just to kill a few more characters for no reason.  Then he gets strung up to die himself.

This film is pointless.  I have dozens of decent ideas for a zombie film that haven’t been seen before, but even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t think it was a good idea to get my life savings together and make a crappy film that just rips off a Romero classic.  What’s the point?  What a waste of money and time (theirs and mine).

Gore Score D
Norks Score C
Overall Score E


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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