Zombie Movie Review: Shaun Of The Dead

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Vector image for zombie movie Shaun of the Dead

Vector image for zombie movie Shaun of the Dead

Some of the recent films I’ve watched for this blog have flirted briefly with the mainstream (Undead, Return of the Living Dead 4-5, and REC) but recently I felt it time I stop beating around the bush and just go with it. What better way to scratch the mainstream itch than with Shaun of the Dead – possibly the greatest British zombie film of all time. It’s not too embarrassed to call itself a Zombie film (*cough* 28 days later *cough*), and I don’t think the Living Dead at Manchester Morgue counts as a UK film, even with all those great regional accents!

Here we have a film that knows how to play the homage card. Subtle references along with blatant imitation all wrapped up in an original, funny and great little British movie. And oh how British it is. Smashing people around the head with cricket bats, listening to Queen records, having cups of tea and sandwiches around at your Mums, and of course… The Pub.

All us Brits know that the solution to life’s problems can be found down at the pub, so when a Zombie outbreak occurs for Shaun and Ed they decide that easily the best thing to do is to go to the boozer. Just as when Shaun needs to think of a place to take his girlfriend he suggests the pub. And also when he gets dumped by his missus the best thing to do is to… go to the pub. And why not? There is beer there, snacks, games, music and TV so why wouldn’t you want to spend your time there?

Featuring a great British cast from some of the greatest TV comedies of recent years (Black Books, Spaced, The Office, League of Gentlemen…) they are all obviously just mates, but great at what they do here too – mostly playing for laughs, but going for the serious moments when needs must.

Anyway, I should discuss this film for it’s Zombie credentials I suppose. That’s what i’m here for after all. The zombies here are PROPER zombies, all shuffles and groans, not running and vomiting or anything these new-fangled undead seem to do these days – just straight up flesh eaters. Slow and stupid enough to easily escape from, but it’s the quantity that’s the problem, as it should be. Loads and loads of the pesky critters litter the streets, and get smashed, run over, gored and shot at. Plus they eat and dismember plenty of humans too, which is to be expected.

It’s a great little number, and one of the best Zombie films of the past 10 years. And amazingly it’s possibly the only Romantic Comedy that I can actually enjoy without wanting to tear my own limbs off.

Gore Score C+
Norks Score F
Originality Score B
Overall Score A


3 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Shaun Of The Dead

  1. A friend brought over the first couple of seasons of “Spaced” on DVD last weekend, and so, like good film-addicts, we set aside an afternoon, cracked open the beer and chips and dove right in.

    “Spaced” stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (among others), and as we are big “Shaun of the Dead” fans, were pretty psyched. The first couple of episodes I felt were a bit slow, but hey– they needed to introduce all the players and lay down some groundwork. But then it really kicked in, and it was the episode where Simon’s character was blasting virtual zombies (which in the quirkiness of the TV show eventually start working their way into their real-life, with a little help from some amphetamines). Anyway– you’ll see the inspiration for “Shawn of the Dead” in that episode.

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