Zombie Movie Review: Boy Eats Girl

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vector image for zombie movie Boy Eats Girl

vector image for zombie movie Boy Eats Girl

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Picked up 2nd hand in the bargain bin of a local video games store, I didn’t hold out much hope for this movie.  It looks very mainstream, has a ‘celebrity’ on the cover and was ultra cheap for a pretty modern film.  However, as a Zombie fan I felt it was my duty to give it a try.  It is also one of the less trashy offensive films that I would be able to force the missus to sit through, which is what I did.

It starts off slowly, with some boring guff about some school kids who are apparently big losers, but all look like they are in their early 30’s.  One of these ‘kids’ has a crush on Samantha Mumba but is too wimpy to do anything about it.  After assuming she’s rejected him he goes home and pretends to hang himself, but his mother walks in and accidentally finishes the job for him.  Luckily by means of ultra-fast montage she’s able to resurrect him using some medieval books from her local church, but finds that one of the pages in the book is missing, and the Resurrection has some rather awkward side effects – a hunger for human flesh and the ability to turn the living into the walking dead.  Oh well.

It starts off all teeny rubbish as expected, but when the zombies start attacking it gets surprisingly gory (if suffering repeatedly from the dreaded ‘cutaway kill’ that plague most mainstream zombie films).  Limbs are severed, eyes fall out, heads are ripped off, and in the films highlight a bunch of zombies are mown down with a tractor/plow/combine harvester contraption, causing instant reminders of Braindead.

However, it is not Braindead that I was reminded of the most during this film, but the German ‘comedy’ Night of the Living Dorks.  School kids accidently infected but not instantly evil, school crushes, super strength, and even a cure for the infection all pop up in both these films.  It’s probably all coincidence as none of these are original ideas, but I still couldn’t stop thinking of the superior German effort throughout this movie.

Easily watchable and inoffensive.  If it didn’t go OTT with the gore it would just be a boring teen flick, but there was enough guts on display to give this film an 18 Certificate in the UK, which is usually a good sign by me.

Gore Score B-
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score C-


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