Movie Review: Zombies Zombies Zombies

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Vector image for the movie Zombies Zombies Zombies

Vector image for the movie Zombies Zombies Zombies

I’ve been getting a tad behind on these reviews of late again.  Perhaps a little of the blame can be given to this monstrosity of a film, possibly one of the worst zombie flicks i’ve seen for months.  I watched it over a week ago and I guess I’m just trying to forget about it, but by avoiding the writeup my brain is being plagued with memories of it. I hope that by finally getting the review sorted it will perform some sort of exorcism and I’ll never need to think of it again.

ZZZ, (an apt abbreviation if ever there were one) will certainly be compared to Zombie Strippers, although the difference here is that the strippers are the heroines and not the undead.  Opening at a strip club, a new dancer is trying her hand at the noble profession of ‘whopping her norks out to the general public for a fee’, but not doing very well.  So far, so very Zombie Strippers.  However for some reason which I cannot remember (hey, it was over a week ago I saw this) a zombie virus has been let loose from a local scientists lab and infects a load of people.  So, zombies attacking the club means that everyone within has to band together to protect each other.  Oh yeah, that’s an original idea.  Lock a load of people in a building for an hour or so while zombies roam around outside.  I’ve not seen that before.

Anyway, some of the people manage to escape this zombie plague and venture to the scientists lab to find a cure, which luckily the scientist has developed.  However, once the cure has been delivered to each zombie it causes them to explode in godawful CGI.  Really, it is so terrible the producers would have been better off going with Batman style ‘KABLAMMO!’ exclamation bubbles, which would have been equally as invasive but infinitely funnier.

Yeah, there is some gore here, but honestly it’s best to just watch the trailer on YouTube.  The scene with the chainsaw in the face is the highlight of the film and it’s present in the trailer, which also sensibly avoids showing off the CGI.

Not content with using rubbish CGI, terrible acting, a boring plot and an awful script the filmmakers even saw fit to rip off a classic Snakes on a Plane moment.  It’s an odd addition to the film just as the film itself is an odd addition to the genre.  Heck, even the nudity isn’t anything to write home about, which is odd considering half the characters are strippers.

As one of the actors mutters late on in the film “Lets get this sh*t over with.”  Too right.

Gore Score C
Norks Score C
Originality Score D
Overall Score D-


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