Zombie Movie Review: Poultrygeist

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vector image for zombie movie Poultrygeist

vector image for zombie movie Poultrygeist

If there were ever a zombie film that was crying out to be made it is this zombie-chicken-lesbian-musical-romantic-horror-comedy movie, also known as Poultrygeist.  Yes, Troma come up trumps again with possibly the greatest Zombie movie of the decade.  Everything that you could ever want in a movie is present here.  Gore, Nudity, Horror, Comedy, Music, Dancing and Zombie Chickens.  Hell, even fat dudes pebble-dashing restaurant toilets in disgusting brown slurry.  This film has everything.  Sheesh, there is even a plot occurring here somewhere, if that’s what you’re into.

A new fast-food chicken restaurant is opening that happens to have been built on an ancient Indian burial ground, and the displaced Indian spirits are none too pleased.  To teach the owners a lesson the spirits decide to take over the carcasses of the dead chickens and cause havoc and murder towards both employees and customers alike within the new establishment.

Not everyone is overjoyed at the prospect of a new chicken snackery, in particular the local lesbian protest group; the College Lesbians Against Multiconglomorates (C.L.A.M).  One such lesbian happens to be the ex-girlfriend of local loser Arbie, who decides to teach his ex a lesson by getting a job in the chicken establishment and serving the dead birds to all who come along.

However, mearly minutes after beginning his shift on opening day the possessed chickens kick off their plan, killing off several staff members and splattering guts all over the walls.  This is just the beginning.

What follows are musical numbers, dances, naked lesbian romps, gore, satire, explosions, blood and even a truly disgusting toilet scene involving Troma favourite ‘Lardass’ which needs to be seen to be believed (or never EVER seen if you have a remotely sensitive stomach).

This is without doubt the greatest Troma film ever made, the greatest zombie musical ever made, one of the goriest zombie movies ever made, and the best undead chicken film that has ever seen the light of day.  Even to take a remotely serious note for a second (which is is almost heresy for a troma movie) this film hits every catagory any Zombie lover could ever wish for.  Social satire that is up there with Romero.  Gore easily on par with Savini.  Enough nudity to please even the harshest of 12 year old critics, and even a musical score that is genuinely inventive and impressive.

To put it simply, Poultrygeist is possibly the one film that could transform a Troma-hater into a Troma-fanatic, and that is quite an impressive achievement.

Gore Score A
Norks Score A
Originality Score A
Overall Score A


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