Zombie Movie Review: Mutant

AKA Night Shadows

Vector image for the zombie movie Mutant

Vector image for the zombie movie Mutant

I think it’s about time for a change of scenery around here. Time to start reviewing RomComs… Ha ha, yeah right. I’m not even going to veer away from Zombies into standard horror! No, the change of scenery comes from a change of blog layout. With new decor it’s only appropriate to go with a nice new film to kick things off. Well, it would be new if it were 1984…

I wonder if we were all aware at the time just how cheesy the 1980’s actually was? In fact it has forever left its mark on cinema as we now have a whole genre – ‘The 80s Film’, a feat not matched by any other decade.

Mutant shows two brothers are driving around off for a holiday somewhere in redneckville and are spotted by some truck driving locals who take it upon themselves to ram the out-of-towners off the road and into a ditch. This forces the brothers to stay in the town while they await a mechanic to help haul their truck back onto the road. They nip into a local bar and again encounter the locals, and a big ruck kicks off. Poor rednecks, they always get a raw deal in movies. I’m sure there are plenty of moonshine swillin’ inbreds that are perfectly accommodating and friendly! Anyway, the towns alcoholic policeman is called and takes the kids off to a little old lady’s house to stay for the night. However this lady seems to be harbouring some mutant demon or something because one of the brothers is dragged off under his bed by it in the middle of the night.

His brother decides that he should probably go and find his sibling when he doesn’t show up in the morning, but there is nobody in town to help him, having all died of an unexplained illness, or come down with a bizarre flu-like sickness. Eventually he does manage to hook up with a local schoolteacher girl and the pair toddle off looking for his brother. However, it appears that this flu is actually due to a zombie chemical that is turning everyone into melty-handed undead, so the brother and his lady friend have to escape the town while at the same time trying to find a cause of this outbreak

The zombies take a little while to show up, and are pretty cheap looking, (although i’ve seen much worse!) and the acting is dubious at times. Also the lead actor ‘Wings Hauser’ is kinda creepy looking, which makes him come off more sleazy chancer than hero. There is much to like here though, particularly the school siege and the zombies using their toxic hands to melt through glass windows. All-in-all though it was pretty average, and although it passed the time well enough it doesn’t have anything in it i’d crave seeing again.

Gore Score C
Norks Score F
Originality Score D
Overall Score C-


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