Zombie Movie Review: Trailer Park Of Terror

vector image for the zombie movie Trailer Park of Terror

vector image for the zombie movie Trailer Park of Terror

Damn you eBay. Instead of easily buying the 18 Rated UK version I go over to eBay and pay for the Unrated DVD from the US, get it shipped over here and what happens? The damn eBay seller just shipped the R-Rated version instead. I couldn’t be bothered waiting another month or so for a disk that might not actually be any different, so I just stuck with this one. Hope I’m not missing out on any top-drawer-gore.

We’re back again with a horror movie staple; Rednecks. Some cute looking blonde lass living in a trailer park is off to meet her boyfriend, but the pair of them get hassled by the local hicks and this poor chap gets the brunt of the ruckus – by being killed and impaled on some metal railings. Ouch. Naturally the young lady is rather miffed at this slightly over-the-top behaviour and decides the best course of action is to get a shotgun from the nearby Lucifer character and head back to town to shoot and kill all the trailer park residents, followed by herself. Cripes, that’ll certainly stop any further mischief befalling this little hicks ville setup.

Obviously no. Several years later a truckload of bible-school kids crash their bus nearby and rock on up to this trailer park in search of a tow-truck and bed for the night. Some woman who looks strangely like the shotgun toting murderess welcomes them in, and after some scary stories the kids all head off to separate trailers to get some sleep. They don’t stay asleep for long though as the dead residents return back to life to get up to mischief with these young scamps.

Rednecks killing off teenagers has been standard horror-fare for decades, but Trailer Park of Terror still seems fresh and fun. The effects are really good here, and some of the deaths are grimacingly well done (the jerky scene in particular). Plus the rock-n-roll soundtrack really added to the enjoyment. There’s nothing particularly new here, but the what would you expect from a film with rednecks and zombies? Just sit back with mates and beer, each pick a character and whosoever dies off first loses and has to down their drink.

Gore Score B+
Norks Score F
Originality Score C-
Overall Score B


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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