Zombie Movie Review: Oasis of the Zombies

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vector image for the movie Oasis of the Zombies

vector image for the movie Oasis of the Zombies

Apparently two versions of this film were shot at the same time, one in French and one in Spanish.  There is a different cast, different music score and various alternate scenes across both editions.  I believe that the French one is the most commonly available, and is the one that was dubbed in traditional ‘comedy’ EuroHorror style into English, and is the one I have in my collection.  This is the one with less gore and a worse soundtrack, but apparently it does have more nudity than the Spanish edition, so that’s something at least.

Jess Franco delivers a trashy eurozombie horror, with good old Nazi Zombies causing mischief, although this time they do not seem to live underwater, which is unusual for this particular undead foe. (For example refer to Shockwaves and the Franco penned Zombie Lake).

A bunch of Nazis are transporting an unseen amount of gold across some random desert in Africa, but are intercepted by a mustachioed army dude and his platoon. A big battle ensues involving much tank and explosion stock footage.  This ‘tashed chap gives the Nazis a right good ‘running away from’ leaving both his troop and the Germans dead on the oasis battlefield while he goes off to collapse in the desert.  He’s rescued by some sheik who lets his daughter revive him back to health.  To thank the sheik for his hospitality (and for saving his life) Mr Moustache takes the daughter out to the desert and promptly knocks her up good-and-proper before returning to war.

Cut to several decades later and we find that the offspring of this romp is living it up in some fancy school, when he gets a letter informing him that his father has died off (well murdered, but he doesn’t seem to concerned).  He decides to read up on his fathers war antics and discovers about the battle in the Oasis and the big fortune of gold that is probably left behind.  Now we begin a big adventure following this kid and his mates as they try to track down the Oasis and the loot.

Maybe it is something to do with the hot climate, but the oasis they are looking for seems to have turned all the dead bodies into flesh hungry (and in one case insanely googly-eyed) zombies.  When the kids stumble upon this oasis they have to deal with all these dead Nazis, but luckily they were all taught how to make Molotov Cocktails in school.  (Presumably they all did a course in homemade weapons instead of the more appropriate acting lessons).

Oasis of the Zombies is an incredibly boring affair.  The zombies are only ever on screen for about 10 minutes and the whole rest of the plot revolves around these kids going to local markets or wandering around and collapsing on a sand dune.  Plus there are the numerous dull flashbacks to the stock footage war.  The zombies are the undoubted highlight, as each one is hilariously made up with clay, fake skin and false eyes.  There are also a few nork scenes but nothing like the usual standard of Jess Franco movies.  It’s just a cobbled together and incredibly slow paced build up to the Zombie Oasis, which is quite decent when it happens but I’d long lost interest in the film by that point.  Next time I’ll get my Nazi Zombie fix from Zombie Lake.

Gore Score D
Nork Score B-
Originality Score D
Overall Score D


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