Zombie Movie Review: I Eat Your Skin

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Vector image for zombie movie I Eat Your Skin

Vector image for zombie movie I Eat Your Skin

I had thought that the world became colour in around about the 1940s, so I guess this 1960s film used old historical tape that was still black & white to record this flick, because everything looks grey-scale and surprisingly cheap.

A sleazy romance novelist is in Miami trying to bone as many blondes as is humanly possible when his editor turns up and suggests he relocate to ‘Voodoo Island’ because the zombie quotient will make for a great new novel, but more importantly the Female to Male ratio is about 6:1. “Hell yeah, i’m in” says sleazeball, so off they jet in some crummy plane that stupidly doesn’t have enough fuel to get to the island.  Luckily Mr Sleaze knows how to fly a plane even better than his own pilot, so takes over the crashing duties and plummets onto the beach.  Surprisingly having caused no casualties or injuries whatsoever, General Greasy takes it upon himself to go adventuring around the island, which involves perving on some lass swimming in a pond and being chased by a sandy-faced ‘zombie’.

This island is apparently home to many more of these dusty-faced undead, whose job is apparently to capture all of the (at rough count) 3 blonde ladies who call the island home and sacrifice them to some God or other, and it is the job of Captain Creepy and his pals to stop this from happening.

Surprisingly for a pre-Romero zombie film this is reasonably decent stuff, in spite of the title being an outright lie – Not one ounce of skin eating is seen or even hinted at!  The enjoyment doesn’t really come from the effects or makeup either, as the ‘Zombies’ look more like they’ve had their faces dunked in some wet sand and had cucumber slices placed over their eyes. The story is pretty interesting though, and it’s quite fun to see how 60’s Miami cocktail society contrasts with today’s standards.  Plus we learn that Zombie-ism is caused by injecting microwaved snake venom.  Who would’ve though it?

Gore Score D
Nork Score F
Originality Score D
Overall Score C


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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