Zombie Movie Review: Night of the Living Dead

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Vector image of zombie film Night of the Living Dead

I suppose it wouldn’t be a zombie film blog without reviewing the original flesh eater movie, which is surprisingly the last Romero film to make it onto this site.  Internet blogs and movie history books are littered with reviews of this film, ranging from it’s impact on the horror scene to the social, political and racial overtones it contains, and it would be pointless to take the same course when summing it up here.

So how do I discuss this film?  Well, the reason I had for watching it was because I am still fighting a losing battle to convince the girlfriend that Zombie films are all awesome.  I – perhaps unwisely – introduced her to the genre with Troma’s Redneck Zombies, with unsurprisingly failed to win her over.  The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue also missed the mark, and even Braindead – a film so outstanding that it should be mailed out to children at birth – couldn’t convince her.  Sure, she enjoyed Shaun of the Dead although that was for the comedy really, and 28 Days / Weeks Later also gets a tick in her box, but as we all know there aren’t any zombies in those films.  No, the only minor success I have had is with another Romero zombie movie, the superb Day of the Dead, which got the review of ‘alright’.  Sigh.  How about I go back to the drawing board and start with the film that converted many many people to the love of Zombies – George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

So, how did this film go down?  Well, she hated the characters of Barbra and Cooper, but that’s how everyone feels.  However she didn’t laugh out loud when Ben punches Babs in the face even though it’s the best part of the film.  She also got annoyed that Ben didn’t just wave his hands around shouting that he’s human at the end instead of just standing there and getting shot.  Maybe she’s got a point there.  Also, she was adamant before watching the film that there would never be a black & white horror film that would scare her and she stuck by that statement, never cowering behind a cushion or other such standard girlie actions.

Anyway, we all know how this films goes, but it was interesting to show it to someone who has never seen it before.  And her verdict?  It was ‘Passable’.  Hmm, maybe I’ll try out Return of the Living Dead next time, surely she’ll love that one?

Gore Score C-
Norks Score F
Originality Score B+
Overall Score A


6 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Night of the Living Dead

  1. I like how you admit that the internets are full of reviews of this one and that you need to take a different tack…and then actually do it! Great way of pointing out “these are my favorite parts of this movie.”

  2. I stand by my statement regarding Ben, it was extremely frustrating to sit through a whole film where he struggles for survival just to be killed at the moment of possible resuce. I know, I know, I can hear you saying ‘but that’s the whole point!’ but I just don’t buy it. You know me, I would be jumping up and down, screaming my head off, making dam sure that they knnow I’m human and need saving!!

    Sorry babes, but you’re going to have to do better than this to covert me 😉

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