Zombie Movie Review: RetarDEAD

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Vector image for zombie movie RetarDEAD
When I heard of this film I pretty much knew instantly what sort of film it would be. I could practically hear the genre reviewers writing out the phrase ‘if you like the title you’re pretty much guaranteed to like the film’ And oh, how true that is. Appealing to the Troma fan in everyone (although it can take a bit of effort to bring it out of some people), RetarDEAD is a trash classic excelling in script, gore, offensiveness and utter, utter nonsense.

A mad scientist, fresh from resurrecting a turd monster in the previous film (MonsTURD) escapes the clutches of the boozy cops and sets up a new science lab in some abandoned factory. From there he sets out to find some test subjects for his (well meaning, but misguided) intelligence boosting experiments. He naturally selects the local mental hospital, and volunteers his services as a teacher.

While conducting his experiments the town police are hunting down both this escaped loon as well as the local pervert affectionately know as ‘the Weenie Waggler’. After being tracked down, this pervy nutjob points the cops to the new special needs teacher who has started working at the Special School in which he is the caretaker, so the cops rock on up to investigate. Unfortunately this is the point where the doc’s magic intelligence serum starts to backfire, causing the recipients to turn into flesh eating blue-grey Dawn of the Dead-style zombies.

This is the point of the film where the originality goes out the window, and the gore and slaughter kick off. The zombies start spreading, and the ridiculously cheap yet awesome entrails flow, more-or-less until the end of the film.

There are some excellent scenes in this movie : The cops tooling up ‘Here’s a handgun, another handgun, a sword, another handgun…..’), the mad scientist and his assistants dissecting a corpse for bait (involving A LOT of puking), plus the gore-gore girls surrounding and attacking their prey in the doc’s laboratory and dancing them to death.

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of this before, but such a great script and budget spent almost totally on latex gore effects and cameos (Jello Biafra!) this is something I love to see in my low budget B-movies. Hell, if there was some Nudity then it would’ve been perfect!

Gore Score A
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score B+


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: RetarDEAD

  1. Hi John,

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say, “Thanks” for taking the time to watch and review RetarDEAD. I’m glad you got a kick out of it. Hopefully you’ll find even more weirdness on subsequent viewings. And if you liked RetarDEAD, you’re probably going to LOVE Monsturd. Anyway. Thanks again for the kind words, and we’ll be sure to put a few “Norks” in the next flick just for you!
    (Co-writer/director/producer of Monsturd and RetarDEAD)

    • Yes, I really enjoyed it! It’s definately going on my ‘Rewatch’ shelves, unlike a lot of the films on my blog.
      I’ll certainly track down a copy of Monsturd, and will look forward to whatever else you next work on.
      Keep up the good work dude!

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