Feature: Series Of Bullets

Image for the sister site Series of Bullets

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At Devouring the Flesh of the Living it’s not only about Zombie movies.. Well, actually, here it is. However, there is more to life than just the living dead, and that is why I have started up a brand new sister-blog, Series Of Bullets.

At Series of Bullets, whole entire series of horror films will be covered without all the nonsense ‘review’ guff, but by simply breaking down the films and the whole series into simple bullet-points.

  • How Many Death?
  • Which Weapons?
  • And importantly, is there any nudity?

Naturally, this won’t effect the zombie movie output over here at Devouring the Flesh of the Living, so you can still get your fix of new, classic and absolute tosh Undead horror, but when you fancy diving into a horror movie series or two, don’t forget to check out Series of Bullets.

The entire Friday the 13th Series is already up ready for viewing (yes, all 12 films!). Check out the below poster for how the films break down in one glorious chart!

poster of the kills in the whole Friday 13th film series


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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