Zombie Movie Review: Wasting Away (AKA Aaah! Zombies!!)

AKA Aaah! Zombies!!

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Vector for Zombie Movie Wasting Away

Ah, the old ‘chemical experiments on recruits to create a new breed of super-soldiers’ plot. The current standard for zombie films. Can’t we kick off another Cold War or have a new Nuclear Arms Race or something? Anything just to get a new idea for reanimating the dead.

At least Wasting Away tries to do something reasonably original, that is by infecting the stars with zombism – via neon green zombie beer ice-cream no less – without their knowing. Yes, these 4 losers have become zombies and don’t even realise it. They see each-other as full-on normal chaps, but to everyone else they are the walking dead. This is done quite cleverly by showing the scenes of the main stars in colour, while whenever anyone else glances at them the film switches to black-and-white and we see them as they really are – veiny, shuffling members of the undead.

As unique as this sounds for a film it does present some problems. The first minor issue is that blood and gore looks a lot more exciting when it’s in colour. Secondly – and this is the main problem – having one unusual interesting idea is not really enough to base an entire movie on. Oh yes, it’s all good and fun the first couple of times the camera switches to Black and White and we see them transposed as zombies, but when that is the whole plot device and we have to sit through it again and again it just gets irritating. If they actually wrote a story around this idea then maybe it wouldn’t be so annoying. But there isn’t one. It’s just some crappy characters becoming unexpected zombies who spend half the film hanging out together not realising their condition, and the other half hanging out still not really doing anything but this time with an army private who has the same condition.

I guess they were trying to go for the ‘Return of the Living Dead’ comedy angle, but the film it really reminded me of was Idle Hands. And that’s a shame as I quite like that movie, but I don’t want to be reminded of this plotless borefest the next time I watch that.

OK, the acting is actually pretty good for a low budget film, there are a couple of genuinely funny moments, and having one unique idea is better than none, I suppose. But surely there needs to be something more to fill out a whole film? Hell, there’s not even any nudity or any real gore? Seriously, what’s the point of that?

Gore Score D
Norks Score F
Originality Score B
Overall Score D-


5 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Wasting Away (AKA Aaah! Zombies!!)

  1. My mind switched off after you wrote about the 2 different perspectives shown of the main characters, sounds like a cool idea!

    You can tell me ‘I told you so’ once I’ve seen it and become hidiously dissapointed : ) Always look forward to your updates

    • Well that’s what got me interested as it sounded like a good idea. But 1 good idea doesn’t always transfer to 90 minutes of movie. Still, be interested to hear what you think of it.

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  4. Who said this movie had to be about gore? If you want a movie where everything is suspense and blood and absolutely no thinking required then EVERY other zombie movie is the way to go. This isn’t about action or killing things for the sake of the end of the world. It’s actually about living in symbiosis, living in a different state, what is the view of this zombie’s world? I give the movie a C + overall. It was actually quite funny and enjoyable as a movie like watching Harold & Kumar search for whitecastle the entire movie or the Hangover where they do nothing but search for their missing friend. This wasn’t about “fuck that shit up!”. It wasn’t about any of those things.
    It’s a Zombie movie, but it’s not horror or suspense in that way. That should have been your first clue that this movie was for the enjoyment of a small adventure and comedic instances, not “smash that shit up!” Forcing a zombie movie to belong to only one category forces all movies to be the same.

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