Zombie Movie Review: Colin

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Vector Image of the zombie movie Colin

Colin has been doing the rounds on the wordwide filmfest circuit for several years now, but has only recently received any serious distribution. Heck, the magazine I co-write for – RevenantMagazine.com – showed Colin at their yearly film festival back in 2008 (where it received high praise too, long before the current PR Hoopla I might add). So, critics seem to love it, and the zombie fans who have seen it before everyone else loved it too. How about the zombie fan who saw it when it actually got released, now that there is no cred to be gained from seeing a hyped film before it’s fully out in the wild? Well, that is the camp I fall into.

Low-budget zombie movies probably make up around 50% of the films from my blog, so it’s fair to say I have had a fair amount of exposure to both the excellent and the abominable no-cost undead films. But then does my opinion really matter? Well no, not really. But i’m going to give it anyway.

Colin is a fantastic low-budget movie which totally shows up just how poor the majority of other SOV zombie films really are. The direction is superb, there are some amazing camera shots that both look good and genuinely add to the story, and the actual plot has both originality and some real soul to it, especially considering that there is next to no dialogue in the entire film.

OK, we’ve had films from the point of view of the zombie before. Most notably a similar British movie I, Zombie. However, this is probably the first movie to follow the Revenant while he goes about his business as a real Zombie during the Z-War Apocalypse. We get glimpses of the few remaining humans racing past Colin during his seemingly aimless roaming of the streets, see zombies devouring the numerous corpses and even get to meet Colins’ living family members as they bump into their corpsified relative.

While the majority of the film seems to have very little plot whatsoever it soon becomes apparent that this really is not the case, and that Colin is actually a film about how thoroughly ingrained into our conscience the experiences we live through really are.

Sure, it’s not a perfect movie. For what seems like 5 minutes we get to see a girl stumbling around in a pitch-black cellar not really being able to see what is going on, and throughout the film the frenetic ‘shaky camera’ effect when the action kicks in is so over-the-top that it just causes nausea and confusion rather than add to the atmosphere. But these issues can be overlooked by the fact that this film really does try to do something different, and totally succeeds. I was so engrossed that I didn’t realise until the end that there was no nudity whatsoever! Now that must be a good recommendation.

Gore Score C
Norks Score F
Originality Score A
Overall Score B+


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