Zombie Movie Review: SexyKiller

Vector Image for zombie movie Sexy Killer

Trashy, something trashy. That’s what I’m looking for. Zombie films are either too serious or far too ‘comedic’ these days. Where is all that beautiful exploitation of old? Stupid gore, unnecessary nudity, nonsensical plot and daft looking zombies. What more could you possibly want in a movie?

Well annoyingly, SexyKiller doesn’t fulfil many of these requests – and worse – it’s barely even a zombie movie at all. Hell, after about an hour there wasn’t even a hint of even a small possibility of a brief minimal appearance of anything approaching the Undead. If it wasn’t for the fact that the University in the film was called the Jorge Romero Medical School I would have quite possibly turned this off and gone back to my shelf to find something else.

However, what it lacks in zombies it makes up for in ‘homages’ to every other movie under the sun. And by Homage, what I really mean is “let’s make a film with no plot of its own, we’ll just steal scenes and plot devices from any movie we can think of and then the viewer will just appreciate the nods to their favourite films and forget that there is nothing actually interesting or original at all in the movie”.

Some bird (the ‘Sexy Killer’ of the title) is a bit of a psycho murderer. Although rather than being the ‘sexy’ you would think she’s actually a rather odd-looking annoying bint who spends her time chatting into the camera about what she’s doing. This woman kills people for no reason, while complaining about everything all the time. She meets a medical research dude and ‘hillariously’ confuses his business of trainee coroner for that of a serial killer. They then begin a romance, which seems to involve her having sex with him while she wears all her clothes (seriously, why put in sex scenes if you’re going to leave the lass covered up? Who cares about that?)

After all this hugely below-par serial killer aspect is played out the zombies turn up for the last 10 minutes or so. Apparently the coroner and pal have invented a machine which instead of reading the minds of the dead as planned actually brings them back to life as Zombies. These zombies then attack everyone until the films ends shortly after.

Overall it was annoying, uninteresting, mostly ungory unfunny crossover film, and the only nudity was a female changing room right at the beginning (albeit a particularly decent bit of unnecessary nudity).

It is neither a polished slasher pic, nor a decent zombie film. Seriously, just watch the films it steals from instead. Scream, Reanimator and even The Dead Pit (a film which also saved the zombies until the end but still managed to be interesting and creepy all the way through).

Gore Score D
Norks Score B-
Originality Score D
Overall Score D


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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