Zombie Movie Review: Codename : Yin / Yang

Vector Image for zombie movie Codename Yin Yang

So, what’s the cause of the Zombies here?

    Chemical Spill
    Government Experiment
    Sumatran Rat-Monkey ?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the ever reliable Government Scientific Experiments. However this time around we’re not just treated to a quick explanation of the cause before all the zombie carnage begins, in Codename:Yin\Yang the Scientific Experiments make up pretty much the whole film.

OK, that’s not entirely true. There are 2 areas to this film. We have the aforementioned Experiments sections set in a grotty medical building which looks like an old abandoned hospital or something, while alongside we get the scenes of 2 young lasses (Yin and Yang) as they wander through tunnels trying to get into this building to stop the scientists. They do fight some Zombies here and there too – and these are some impressive looking Zombies considering just how low-budget everything else in this film is – but basically that’s the whole film right there. Experiments, girls walking in tunnels, experiments, girls fighting zombies in tunnels, experiments….. blah blah blah.

There is some sort of eye-patch wearing Black Ops dude along for the ride too, who is on the side of the Scientists and is certainly the best part of this film, from an acting talent point of view at least. He’s there to find out what the status of the project is and to complain at the 2 scientists. At some point you know that the 2 girls and this dude will lock horns and start fighting, but that’s not until late in the film. Until then we have to put up with the whole tunnels, experiments, tunnels, experiments fiasco.

OK, the fights with the Zombies are OK, and there are a few decent gore moments there, but the rest of the whole shebang is just dull. Couple this with the two heroines, who are supposed to be gorgeous eye-candy – although they appear to be made of wood rather than candy judging by their acting abilities – but are no more than average looking. However the only Danish people I can think of are Niels Bohr, Lars Ulrich and Lars von-Trier, of which none are particularly easy on the eye so maybe that’s the case for everyone from Denmark.

what you end up with is a passable, if unoriginal and rather boring SOV zombie movie. A pity really, as I do like to see films that are so proud to be indie, but I do wish they’d come up with some decent ideas ever now and then.

Gore Score C+
Norks Score F
Originality Score C-
Overall Score D


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