Zombie Movie Review: Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers

AKA Attack Girls Swim Team vs the Undead
Vector Image for movie Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers

By my calculations this is the 98th zombie film fully covered in this blog, and as I approach my centenary – which will doubtless feature a worthy movie – it’s probably good to get some serious trash out-of-the-way.

While checking my post count it came to my attention that I have only featured one film since July 2009 which wasn’t in the ‘Norkless’ catagory, and thereby my decision was made. That decision was to watch a nork-filled exploitation zombie trashfest, and how could a film titled “Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers” not meet that criteria?

Well, nork-filled it sure is. And there are some zombies in there too (well, ‘infected’ actually). But does this count as exploitation trash, or has it actually veered off into Soft-Core Pornography territory? You might think that doesn’t really matter, nudity is nudity, and more of it can’t be bad, surely? Well I am not convinced.

Take for example the excellent ‘Zombie Lake’. This has far more nudity but wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as soft porn. The reason for this is that the nudity is of the ridiculous and un-erotic variety, where GRFoCS seems to exist purely for titillation. Instead of pouring a beer and laughing at the pointless nature of the nudity as with Zombie Lake, “Girls Rebel Force” instead drops you into the ‘why don’t I just stick on a REAL porn film instead?’ mood. I like my trashy horror fun and stupid, and my porn… Well, I never watch the stuff obviously, so I don’t know. It’s disgusting and exploits women and all that. Urgh. *Cough*.

Anyway, you get my point. So what else is there in this film, other than lesbian incest and lots of norks? Well there is a basic plot, believe it or not. A young lass ‘Aki’ is starting a new school and befriends one of the swim team girls. Perhaps coincidentally this is at the same time that a mysterious virus breaks out within the school, infecting everybody except the entire female swim team. It is up to this new girl and her buoyant pals to track down the cause and kick some arse.

Naturally, being a Japanese zombie movie the plot is far from as simple as this sounds. There are strange backstories for Aki involving kidnap and assassins, and double-crossing between the girls. It doesn’t help that the whole swim team actually get wiped out in their first actual fight, leaving just Aki and her pal to nude it up and occasionally fight the zombies together.

Overall it was a reasonably enjoyable affair, with some occasional gore, daft plot and a vaginal laser to keep the entertainment up. Plus there was all that nudity which I may have mentioned before. Think ‘Soft porn with zombies’, and not ‘zombie movie with nudity’ and you’ll be fine.

Gore Score C
Norks Score B+
Originality Score B
Overall Score C


3 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers

  1. Ha! Your review is spot on for this one! I actually thought this movie was wacky enough to be enjoyable if you could get past some truly cringe-worthy moments, in particular:
    The “I might be your sister, let’s have sex” subplot
    The “Pied-piper of rape” scene
    and the lesbian scene that went on about 10 minutes too long.

    This movie could really be summarized in two words, “Vagina Laser.”

    • Yeah it was pretty bonkers and slightly cring-worthy, It’s true. However it’s a keeper and I might even revisit it at some point too, unlike a lot of the films that get covered here!
      I recently watched Rika:Zombie Hunter which is supposedly a follow up to this movie. It’s in a similar vein for sure, but much less of a lesbian porno! Watch out for the review coming soon.

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