Zombie Movie Review: The Beyond

Vector Image of zombie movie The Beyond

I’ve been threatening to review this film since I last watched it a couple of years ago. I believe my words were “Stone cold classic.  I find myself watching this every few months, so a post on this soon is very likely“. So here we are, two and a half years later, and it finally makes into the blog as my 100th Zombie movie review. It had to be this Fulci classic really. I was trying to decide if this milestone should be a worthy classic or a trashy mess and with this movie it could be said that this film covers all bases.

The Beyond is a jumbled mess of a movie. The plot makes almost no sense, characters pop up and leave the film without any real rhyme or reason, and people who don’t exist get killed by other characters that don’t exist, which includes a dog that might be a zombie dog, or may just be imaginary. (Either way, he does a good job gorily killing off that young lass). Anyway, a bunch of stuff happens to some people, and then the film starts to get a bit weird, where the population of the world seem to have vanished and the universe appears to start and end within the confines of an old hotel.

If this all sounds like someone has recorded the nutjob dreams of a mentalist then you’re spot on. No film has ever come across quite as akin to a dream state as Fulci’s The Beyond. It’s as if we’re watching this movie through the eyes of Lucio himself after he’s passed out in his hotel room following too much brandy. And congratulations to him for that. Really, why should films have a proper meaning? Why do we need good guys and bad guys? How is the world made any more interesting by sitting through yet another shitty teen horror? There is enough of that produced every single day, so let’s have something bizarre and non-sensical, where random highly gory scenes sit alongside looped images of a woman running out of a house in slow-motion.

Fulci sticks in some of his favourite moments (with no less than 3 eye-gouging removal scenes) and there are some excellent zombie moments in there too (especially the whole hospital scene). And to finish off, he ends the film on one of the daftest scenes he’s ever done, which really says something if you’ve ever seen any of his other movies.

It’s a classic film, because it has something for everyone. Gore, absurdity and rubber spiders. What else could you ask for?

Gore Score B+
Norks Score F
Originality Score A
Overall Score A-


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