Zombie Movie Review: Serum

Vector Image of the zombie film Serum
Serum is not a film I had particularly high hopes for. It seemed to be trading on the ‘original’ idea that a mad scientist is researching a cure for some disease or other and has invented a special Serum which he injects into people and strangely causes them to turn into flesh-eating zombies. Surely the filmmakers should be embarrassed about being so unoriginal, but no, they trumpet it, even going so far as to name the film Serum. As I pretty much knew what to expect I decided to try this Live Twitter malarkey while watching it, so I shall base this review on my twitter timeline that night.

# Not watching Zombies of War as fancied non-WWII film. Got ‘Serum’ on instead. Looks ultra low-budget too though.
Yes, I was planning on watching another film, Zombies of War. That too looks pretty bad, but I’m sure I’ll find out just how bad it is when I get around to watching it. Serum somehow was my choice this evening so I went with it. Being low-budget doesn’t always turn me off, provided the ideas are there. Story over technique usually wins out. Serum doesn’t particularly have either.

# Whoah, those are some huge, yet disgusting fake norks right there!
Yes, I believe that the only norks on show in this film belonged to some lass who seemed strangely proud of those ill-fitting humongous implants. Really, does she think they look good? What must she have had beforehand that looked worse? Hopefully it wasn’t a bad illness that required these implants as then I’d feel rather guilty. Well thinking about it I probably wouldn’t feel so bad really, as this lady chose to flop them out at every opportunity as if she’s proud of them.

# The acting in this movie is a step up from awful. It’s just plain old bad. Like Hollyoaks bad.
Hollyoaks, for the uninitiated is a UK teen soap-opera, trading on the good looks of the blonde ladies, and not on the talented acting performances.

# Ah, those huge scary norks are back, fake tan, bikini lines and everything.
Yes it’s strange indeed. How a woman who spends her entire life topless manages to get tan lines is a bit of a mystery. But if horrible nork implants aren’t unpleasant enough then ones with bright-white bikini lines all over them just make them worse.

# Well, 40 mins in and Serum still had my interest for some reason. Not sure what that reason is though, maybe it’s the wine I got on the go.
Yes, I imagine it was the wine. Sure, it was holding my attention, mostly because I was waiting for the exciting gore and flesh-eating.

# This film is like watching one of those cheap tacky US tv soaps. But with a weird blobby zombie.
And man, is this film soap-opera-y. So many relationship stories between the characters that I just don’t care about. Why should I care about who is dating who, and who fancies someone else? Isn’t this supposed to be a Zombie Horror Movie? Sheesh. Just having one single reanimated human with an inflating forehead doesn’t make for great horror, to be honest.

# Sweet christ, does nobody ever turn on a light switch in this film?
Aye, why would you wander about a building following a strange sound into a dark room and not turn the lights on? Worried about your carbon footprint? Well worry no more, you won’t be wasting any more electricity after being devoured!

# “what you saw outside the diner wasn’t Eddie. Not anymore…”
There was a script in this film. Pretty cheesy and obvious, but a script none-the-less.

# To be honest, I’m not bothered about Corey Haim. Now, if that Sax player from Lost Boys died then that’s something else…
I believe at this point, towards the end of the film when I realised not much was going to happen I got a bit distracted and my mind wandered.

# Ok, ‘Serum’. Like Re-animator, but just the boring walking about bits, not the comedy, gore or well made bits. Oh well, I’ve seen worse.
So there you go. Serum steals from both Re-animator but also from crap TV soaps. If that sounds like your bag then give it a go. Just don’t expect any originality, acting, or proper zombies for the most part. It does have some gross boobs though.

Gore Score C-
Norks Score C
Originality Score D
Overall Score D


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