Zombie Movie Review: Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Vector Image for the movie Attack of the Vegan Zombies

It’s a good time for SOV zombie makers to be producing movies. With this invention called “t’interweb” it’s much easier to get the film out to a mass audience of zombie-loving geeks than it was in the glory days of 80’s video-nasties. Now it just takes a bit of self promotion on Twitter and a half-decent website and you’ve got yourself a bit of interest. No need to find distributors, rental stores willing to give up valuable shelf space to a dirt-cheap horror, or even expensive VHS studios to print up the videos. No, now you can shoot any old guff on the cheap, rip it to DVD and spam all over the web to get sales.

It’s no surprise then that A LOT of dross finds it’s way onto the shelves of zombie fans, now the problem is weeding out all the wheat from the volumes and volumes of chaff. Well that’s what I’m here for; sorting through awful movies for the cause.

Now you may have thought from that opening that I was going to be rather negative about this little movie, but quite the opposite. AOTVZ was a great independant movie, and one that makes watching awful films like ZOMBIE NIGHT or EXHUMED all the more worthwhile. Realising there actually ARE good, fun, original zombie movies out there makes a lot of the pain of those movies fade away.

So, what makes this one of the better films then? Well let me synopsize (without spoiling the plot, naturally). A husband and wife are on the verge of giving up their planned careers as wine-growers due to repeatedly bad seasons, when a handy witch casts a spell on the ground using some of the husbands blood in a magic potion which produces a bumper crop the following year. Unfortunately the husband had been on the sauce the night his blood was taken and these vines grow up having a taste for wine…

A bit of artistic licence along the way leads to zombies who thirst for plonk – and more worryingly – any human blood containing said substance, and the couple along with some helpful students have to survive and escape the terrible clutches of the zombies and zombie-vines.

Coming across like graped-fueled Triffids that have been watching THE GRAPES OF DEATH, Attack of the Vegan Zombies is one of the most original takes on the zombie genre I have seen for years. And that is not a back-handed compliment to a film that only has originality going for it, as it also has a genuinely hilarious script, zombies who call out for ‘Wiiiinnnnneeee’ AND some topless lesbians!

Ok it can’t all be good, as the gore factor is pretty low. And we’re let down somewhat by the awful acting throughout, although I think they just adds to the charm really.

So there you go. A great idea that’s really well done and pretty funny along the way. And the idea of zombies hunting the blood of wino’s is pretty scary, cos that makes me a dead man.

Gore Score D
Norks Score B
Originality score A
Overall score A-



One response to “Zombie Movie Review: Attack of the Vegan Zombies

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed this movie as well, wasn’t sure you would like it as much as i did, cause it was slow and close to goreless. Keep up the good work, love the site, especially when you get one right 🙂

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