Zombie Movie Review: Zombies of War

AKA Horrors of War

Vector Image for the Zombies of War movie
Sometimes I wonder just who is the idiot in situations like this. Is it the distributor, who took a poor 15 certificate film called ‘Horrors of War’, retitled it ‘Zombies of War’ to bandwagon onto the latest trend, and added a single 18 rated trailer onto the disc purely so that the certification on the box would then be upped to an 18… Or is it me, who was fully aware of this manipulative behaviour yet still went and paid money for it. I am sadly of the conclusion that the idiot is yours truly.

So “‘zombies’ of war”. By the look of things the film makers belonged to a WW2 re-enactment society as there are constant shots of old war vehicles all over the place. Maybe they just cobbled together a movie while they were messing about pretending to be George S. Patton? Well the movie they have put together involves a band of soldiers roaming around the woods (as seems to be the case in lots of cheap pointless zombie movies – you don’t have to pay for sets or even use any imagination, just find a random clearing every so often to shoot the next scene) until they come across a mysterious person, and it then cuts back to the barracks with the only survivor chatting to his general. It is a different mysterious person each time, sometimes a crude looking Nazi Zombie, sometimes a rubber masked Werewolf and sometimes the obligatory mad scientist of some kind.

These soldiers have a few arguments with each other, occasionally rape and shoot innocent civilian women, and one sometimes turns into a werewolf himself and roams around naked without anyone seeming to mind. The hordes of nazi zombies promised by the cover art and box synopsis do not exist. There are possibly only 1 or 2 individual revenants (depending on whether it’s just the same one turning up again), and Hitlers big plan to experiment with the Paranormal is just reduced down to one scientist in an old warehouse with a single serum of Re-animator agent who has created a couple of werewolves and zombies.

If I’m coming across as if I don’t really care about this film, then you’re right. It was several weeks ago that I saw it and just watching it again on 4x speed on DVD reminded me of the pointlessness of it all. It just came across as if it were a slightly pointless and boring war movie mixed in with a slightly pointless and boring horror movie.  It wasn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen, and I did stick it out to the end to find out what the heck was actually going on, but I have no desire at all to watch it again and no inclination to recommend it to anyone. (Unless you have a fascination with WW2 tanks and latex werewolf masks). At least the 18 rated trailer was for the excellent Tokyo Gore Police, so I was at least reminded to re-watch that amazing movie. It doesn’t have zombies though, but then not everything is perfect.

Gore Score D
Norks Score F
Originality Score D
Overall Score D


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Zombies of War

    • You mean 4th Reich, I assume? Nazi Zombie movies are pretty hit-and-miss. You get the crud like this one and Oasis of the Zombies, and then there are the high class awesome ones, like Zombie Lake and Shockwaves. Still, they’re a good mini-genre to have. Everyone hates zombies, and everyone hates Nazi’s so that’s a great combination.

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