Zombie Movie Review: Black Sheep

Vector Image for the Black Sheep zombie movie review
Take the scariest creature known to man, multiply them by the thousand and then turn them into zombies. Yes, Zombie Sheep are surely the scariest possible creations in all horror. We’ve all seen them stood on the hillsides around the world; watching, waiting, plotting, their lifeless eyes ever staring out, boring into our very souls! And that’s just the regular bog-standard sheep, just imagine if they became infected with zombieism! Those murderous tendencies would be brought to the surface and the crazed creatures would reek havoc all over the land!

Thus Black Sheep takes this vision of hell and brings it to the big screen. Sure, they’ll try to convinced you that it’s a ‘comedy’ and that nobody in their right mind would be scared of sheep, but that isn’t fooling anyone. Just look at their hideous tooth-filled faces!

In an act of undoubted bravery, some New Zealand farm employees have been getting close enough to these quadrupeds to experiment on them, trying to breed a new form of super sheep. Unfortunately some animal rights weirdos have caught wind of this and break into the factory to steal an embryonic sample. Stupidly one of these tree-huggers manages to smash this jar of samples, unleashing a mutant-zombie-sheep-foetus which munches on and subsequently turns this hippy do-gooder into a zombie human / sheep hybrid. This infection spreads and it’s up to the sheep-hating farmer’s brother to find a solution and warn the townsfolk of the impending disaster.

Featuring some great sheep effects and surprisingly decent gore throughout, Black Sheep is a fantastic movie. Those of you who are mad enough to not be petrified of these creatures will find plenty of laughs, but the smart ones among you will see it as a chilling premonition of the inevitable and horrific future.

Gore Score B
Norks Score F
Originality Score B
Overall Score B+


2 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Black Sheep

  1. I loved Black Sheep too.. Mine had one of those funky DVD covers that changes when you move it around.

    I dont think I can ever look at a sheep in the same way again…

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