Zombie Movie Review: Zombeak

Vector Image for Zombeak Movie Review

Another day, another zombie animal movie. But Zombeak is not exactly in the same league as Black Sheep. The special effects team behind this one didn’t work on Lord of the Rings, the locations don’t involve the beautiful sprawling countryside, and the acting, editing, sound effects and vocal overdubs were not done with finesse or experience. No, Zombeak is straight out of the “I’ve got a stupid title, let’s try and bodge a movie idea into it” film school.

Usually when such a film plops onto my doorstep (which sadly happens via my own purchase) it’s a sign that I’m letting myself in for a boring evening’s movie viewing. However with Zombeak this wasn’t the case. Sure, it was a terrible movie by normal standards, but it was made with just the right amount of awful comedy, bad acting and ludicrous plot that it just seems to work.

Some stereotypical Goth Satanists have taken a young blonde lass hostage and are preparing to impregnate her by summoning the spirit of Satan himself into one of their number, who will then ravish the young lady in a reverse-exorcism ceremony. This is being helped along by using a dead chicken and some chanting to summon his horny lordship. While all this is going on, blondie’s fiance has rounded up the town’s single policeman and a local burger-bar manager to try to track her down. They all converge in an abandoned house interrupting the satanic ceremony, causing the Devil to transfer his soul by mistake into the sacrificed poultry carcass. Naturally all hell ensues with the zombie/demon/satanic chicken hunting down all the goths, rescuers and police and turning them in demonic zombies. Obviously there are some survivors of this chickenapocalypse, and it’s up to them to capture the chicken devil and put a stop to all this nonsense before it turns the whole town into zombie demons.

Yes, the plot is nonsense and it’s true that the speech seem to have been added over the visuals from a studio located in a cupboard, but it’s perfectly possible just to ignore such minor issues, especially considering that you shouldn’t be expecting ‘Lord of the Rings’ in a film called Zombeak.

The characters themselves really play up their roles (particularly the ‘crow’ looking goth dude who sadly gets little screen time himself) and the zombie chicken himself is fantastic. Also the direction for such an obviously cheap movie is actually quite polished. It’s not a movie to watch with anyone who’s been brought up with only Brad Pitt movies, but then DTV movies have never really been about all that Hollywood nonsense. At the end of the day if you only watch one zombie chicken movie, well, that should be Poultrygeist. But if you fancy watching a cheaper, less well made one with no lesbian musical numbers then you can do a lot worse that Zombeak.

Gore Score C-
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score C


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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