Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Town

AKA Night of the Creeps 2: Zombie Town

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Vector image for movie Zombie Town

Vector image for movie Zombie Town

So the students in the UK are rioting. Again. Wikileaks is spilling the beans by telling us that all countries really do hate each-other and Sarah Palin still continues to exist. In the midst of all this miserableness there is a need for something exciting, so quite frankly a zombie apocalypse is more than welcome.

Well I say apocalypse but in Zombie Town it’s more of a small-scale outbreak. The clue is in the name I suppose. But hey; a town of zombies, a country of zombies, a planet of zombies, whatever happens it’s pretty much ‘a bad thing’ regardless of population size. That is the situation that presents itself to the small-town mechanic – and hero – of this movie.

A bunch of rednecks in a cabin in the woods (like nothing bad ever happens to people in a cabin in the woods) fall victim to a crazy zombie and their disappearance filters back to the local mechanics. (Yes, people are missing and a car has been found abandoned: call the local mechanics rather that the police!) These chaps head off to retrieve the car and surprisingly run into some of the undead who are up to mischief. When said mischief starts to spread to the local townsfolk it’s up to the remaining mechanic dude and his comedy chum (who seems to think he is Hyde from ‘That 70’s Show’) to come to the rescue and find a cure for all this malarkey with the help of a local scientist lass.

The zombies here are pretty decent, there’s plenty of quality gore on show too, and the script – while a bit too self-aware at times – is all good fun. There’s quite a lot borrowed from Night of the Creeps (enough to get this film released as Night of the Creeps 2 in some parts of the world) such as zombie slugs, but this film reminded me more of Mutant that Slivers or Creeps to be honest. Perhaps it was the scientist trying to find a cure in the midst of all the zombie peril. Maybe it’s just because Zombie Town was on my shelf next to that DVD and I almost picked it out by mistake. Who knows, but that’s besides the point.

Zombie Town was a lot better than I expected it to be, and despite the occasional comedy fail it all turns out quite well, and was a perfectly enjoyable evenings viewing. You’re not going to hate this film at all, but also you’re not going to see anything particularly original or surprising either; just a bunch of people cracking jokes and blasting zombies in the face. And to be fair sometimes that’s all you really need in a zombie movie.

Gore Score B
Norks Score C+
Originallity Score D
Overall Score C+


3 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Zombie Town

    • It’s kinda cheeky calling it Night of the Creeps 2. The only similarities it has to the 80’s one is that zombies are caused by slug things. It’s more or a stolen idea than a sequel.
      Now a proper sequel would be awesome.

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