Zombie Movie Review: Mutants

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Mutants Zombie Movie Poster

Mutants Zombie Movie Poster

It has often been said that 28 Days Later has a lot to answer for, a complaint that is usually uttered by bloggers out of anger at all the running zombie-type creatures that have spawned since that great 2002 movie (although surely running zombies have been around since at least Return of the Living Dead back in the mid 80’s, but hey). While that may or may not be a valid complaint, something that can’t be argued is that 28 Days Later has been responsible for some truly great movies, possibly the finest offspring being MUTANTS; a little French number from 2009.

Some bird and her fella are trying to escape the current epidemic of human-mutants in a little ambulance (that probably belongs to the lass as she seems to be a nurse of some kind) a great choice of vehicle during a zombie apocalypse for sure – although probably a bit slow on the acceleration to be perfect – when this glorified ice-cream van unsurprisingly runs out of fuel (well it can’t be that efficient a vehicle really, driving around with a portable surgery in the back!) The pair have to hold up in a random building out in the snowy mountainous woodland they seem to have found themselves in. Unfortunately for the chap he’s recently been infected with the zombie contaminant so it is up to the chick to either try to cure him, kill him or contain him until a cure can be found.

What starts out as a pretty standard humans-escaping-zombies movie turns into a study of a mans descent into madness as the chap slowly turns from human boyfriend into crazy violent zombie nut-job. Sure, all she needs to do is whack this dude over the head or inject him with a huge dose of killer nurse drug to prevent him from turning, but can she do it? He is her other-half and the only link back to humanity she knows. Plus she believes she has found a cure herself, so she can’t really kill him off without at least trying to get the cure working, can she?

This was a great movie. The pacing was spot on, there’s loads of gross bloody moments and the performances by the two main leads – particularly the main dude – were a horrible joy to watch. There are the standard Zombie clichés present here – People trapped in a building with zombies trying to break in, arguments between the survivors about what to do, suspenseful ‘is there a zombie behind that door or not’ moments and some ass-kicking zombie death too. Sure, it was bloody while not being particularly gory, and it was sadly lacking in the nork department, but then I guess that would have turned it into a different sort of film and to be honest it works perfectly well as it is.

Gore Score B-
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score A-

4 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Mutants

  1. I liked Mutants a lot. I thought that the two main leads were excellent. They really did a good job of portraying the inner conflict that both characters were going through.
    I don’t know if this is what the filmmakers were going for, but I think you could draw parallels to couples where one partner suffers a traumatic brain injury or some kind of mental illness.
    That being said, the movie would not have suffered at all if they through in a topless scene. Hell, they gave us a naked male ass.

    • I completley agree. The breakdown of the guy as he starts losing his mind was the highlight of this film. Whether the filmmakers were going for an allegory of mental illness or disability I do not know, but it works really well and is a great angle to approach the film. I recommend the movie I, Zombie as that comes from a similar angle, albeit more of a metaphor for drug addiction than mental disability approach.

      • I’ve read some pretty negative reviews for I, Zombie, but on your recommendation I vow to check it out at some point in the future.

  2. I watched this hidden French gem last night and loved it. Totally agree with both of you (Argh and Shakespeare) about the acting and themes being solid. Great blood effects, too. Such a joy to see blood shed the way it’s supposed to be

    hmm…I wonder if that statement is enough to prompt an investigation into my mental well being…oh well.

    For a while, the main antagonist in the movie was the infection rather than the infected. That was great film-making.

    Zombie/infected effects were excellent, as well. I particularly enjoyed the guy with the top of his head blown off and the shotgun in his hand. Gruesome and delightful, all in the same bloody spoonful.

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your thoughts.
    Gratitude to Argh (you’ll pardon me for using your first name) for the awesome blog. Keep up the good work.

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