Zombie Movie Review: Plaga Zombie- Mutant Zone

Plaga Zombie Mutant Zone Poster

Poster for Plaga Zombie Mutant Zone

A long while ago we reviewed the fantastic original Plaga Zombie with the view to watch its sequel pretty sharpish. Well not being ones to drag things out, just over two years later here we are with the followup ‘Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone’. So was it worth waiting to hear about what happens to Max, Bill, John West and co?

Well Mutant Zone doesn’t hang around as it picks up pretty much where the first film ended, with the 3 chaps dumped by the FBI in the middle of the still zombie-infected town with only a mysterious bodybag for company. These dudes trek around the city for 90 minutes trying to find a way to escape while avoiding the strange FBI people, still lugging the bodybag around trying to find a knife to open it up to find out who is inside. (Exactly where are all the damn knives? They’ve all gone missing from every house this troupe shack up in. Also, didn’t some of these characters die in the first film?)

Anyway no matter, while there is a plot at play here this film is mostly about the zombies, fights and gore. Yup, this movie is basically just a massive fight scene with the occasional random quiet period (usually where something confusing happens) just to split things up.

  • Brain and spinal cord pulled out the back of a zombie skull? Check
  • Hedgetrimmer blade used as a decapitation sword? Check
  • Zombie face ripped partially off so that it just flaps around in the air? Check

Yup, there’s crazy gore a plenty going down in the Mutant Zone. And not only violence either as there are some great gory comedy scenes too; a highlight being a zombie holding his guts in his hand which he can squeeze to aim toxic farts at the humans. Oh yes, this is a high-art entry into the zombie catalogue.

There’s not much more to say about this film without going into the nonsense plot, other than to mention the great characters (one of whom even has his own theme tune that will stick in your head forever) who perform brilliantly and totally make the film the fun ride it is. So we’ll just end this review here with the suggestion that if the opportunity arises to watch this movie it should be taken. It seems to be a bit of an undescovered gem and needs more love if we’re ever going to get a 3rd film.

Gore Score A
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score A


5 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Plaga Zombie- Mutant Zone

  1. Just watched this one. It was really a fun, wacky ride. I want a John West action figure! I’m trying to find a copy of the first film, but it appears to be pretty elusive.

    • That damn “John West, John West, he is the best…” themetune stuck in my head for weeks!

      I’ve no idea if the first one is available as a single release. I picked up Mutant Zone dvd and it came with a ‘bonus’ dvd of the first movie. It’s not even a box set, pretty much just an added extra. The first film is more of the same thing, if you like Mutant Zone then it’s quite likely the first one will float your boat too!

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