Zombie Movie Review – Days Of Darkness

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Days of Darkness Movie Poster

Days of Darkness Movie Poster

We’re back from our exotic trip to deepest-darkest Orlando so what better way to settle back into life back at Trioxin Towers than to watch a thrilling movie. Sadly, the movie that was chosen was the recent remake of Clash of the Titans. Strewth, Hollywood really knows how to screw up a great story. What a waste of everyone’s time that was! Surely if a massive budget, huge sets, giant monsters, exciting (on paper at least) plot and real trained actors can’t produce a decent movie then what can be done with complete opposite resources? Well Days of Darkness is such a movie, and much more enjoyable it was too.

A bunch of arguing people conveniently end up barricaded in an old abandoned military-radio-tower-type building during the zombie apocalypse and spend the rest of the movie moaning at each other, fighting, quoting the Bible and talking about how much of a slag certain members of the party are. The basic idea being they’re stuck in here without really expecting to be rescued while wondering if this mostly safe environment that lacks food and water is a better alternative than venturing out into the wild zombie world to look for food, supplies and safety.

Fine, if you’re looking for originality then it’s best to skip at least the first 45 minutes of this movie: All the characters are straight out of the zombie-by-numbers textbook, as too is the ‘a group of idiots stuck in a building arguing with each other while zombies roam around inevitably breaking in every 10 minutes or so’ plot. However, stick with it and you’re treated to a bizarre and (dare I say) mildly original movie. It certainly doesn’t pan out as expected; with aliens, meteors, virgin births and a bizarre fascination with zombie testicles. Hey, what more could you want?

As far as the important aspects go; this film has some reasonably decent (if slightly sparse) gore, a bit of norkage and some not-bad zombie effects too. Considering this was initially pretty low on the expectation front before starting it actually turned out to be a decent OMGWTF! zombie movie. Don’t spend much more on it than you would for a pint or 2 of Guinness, get past the cliche characters and plot and you’ll be pretty happy with the result.

Gore Score C
Norks Score C-
Originality Score C
Overall Score C+


Seen this zombie movie? What did you think?

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