Zombie Movie Review: Carriers

Movie Poster for Zombie Movie Carriers

Movie Poster for Zombie Movie Carriers

Just what we need on a June evening; a zombie movie almost as depressing as pouring your last glass of wine over the carpet. Yes, CARRIERS is a film that almost gives ‘I Zombie: A Chronicle Of Pain’ a run for its money in the pure misery stakes, yet still manages to be surprisingly enjoyable.

Cue throaty voiceover man:

“In a post-apocalyptic world where death is rife, yet the dead aren’t actually dead, they’re just sitting around… a bit infected looking…. kind of gross really…. um, yes”

So perhaps voiceovers aren’t really a strongpoint, but anyway it gets the point across. This movie follows a pair of brothers and their respective girlfriends as they drive across America using up whatever fuel is still left in whatever vehicle they can get their hands on.

They are travelling to a beach somewhere.

En route they meet various people; some of whom they are… shall we say ‘unpleasant’ to, while others are unpleasant to them. How they deal with these last remaining stragglers of the human race is what this film is all about. There are people who have something they want, and there are others who want what this group themselves have. Perhaps those things are fuel, perhaps transport or possibly it’s a bitchin’ country house with a massive golf course to mess around on.

When the whole world has gone to pot it’s only understandable that the last few people go a little bit mental themselves, and whether a film about a group of people who can just about tolerate each-other while being thoroughly unpleasant in general is something worth watching is probably a subjective question, but for those interested in the more important aspects of the movie: there are no norks, and the gore is pretty sparse (albeit pretty effective and gross when it does arrive).

Gore Score C
Norks Score F
Originality Score C
Overall Score C+


4 responses to “Zombie Movie Review: Carriers

  1. I watched this one and spent an hour and a half waiting for zombies to appear on screen…nothing. This is not a zombie movie, despite the misleading scene in the trailer. It’s an end-of-the-world illness movie, and not even a very good one. I was very disappointed.

    • I did debate whether or not to include this as a zombie movie but decided that yes, it counts.

      Sure, it’s very light on any actual Zombies but most zombie films aren’t actually about the creatures themselves, more about the survivors and how they react and deal with each other.

      I’m not one to insist that zombie films have to feature people that get eaten by the dead, that didn’t start happening until Night of the Living Dead anyway.

      28 Days Later is also a zombie film, whether the creatures are actually dead or not makes no difference to how the film pans out; there are conscience-free ghouls that attack the survivors on sight, same as in Carriers.

      Another film I want to include here but haven’t gotten around to properly is Vincent Price’s ‘Last Man On Earth’. That’s very much a zombie film despite the creatures having more in common with vampires than the undead. It’s the general mood of the films that make me refer to them as zombie films, not really the ghouls themselves.

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  3. After watching this flick (via instant on Netflix), I wished I’d known it didn’t have any zombies in it. It’s not a terrible movie but it reeked of mediocre and I felt unfulfilled because I kept waiting for a zombie. Had I done my research first, I would have known better. Next time, I’ll not fall for a title and a zombie tag.

    As an apocalypse movie, it was decent. There were some interesting insights into how brutal decisions have to be made in the face of such screwed up situations. You gotta’ figure, you’re traveling around with folks you love and then they become lethal to be around. On a purely rational level, say bye-bye and bail on them or ditch them. That response doesn’t take emotions into account. As humans, we are a blend of mental and emotional components. No matter how logical ditching your lifelong girlfriend 2 miles outside nowhere may seem, it doesn’t make you feel any less like a dick.

    Overall, without the disappointment thing taken into consideration, I’d give Carriers a 6 out of 10. Little better than average but nothing I’d recommend to a friend.

    Thanks for posting, man. Thanks also to Shakespeare (good to see you again) for sharing your thoughts.

    Dream well, gentlemen.

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