Zombie Movie Review: Re-Cycle

re-cycle movie poster

Here at Devouring the Zombie Films of the Living the occasional film that defies the typical rules of the ‘zombie’ criteria ends up getting reviewed on the site. There’s an easy way to tell if a film is actually a zombie movie or not, and that is to ask: “Has that film been reviewed on this site?” If the answer is Yes then it is a zombie movie, argument over. If the answer is No, then either it’s not a zombie movie (i.e. Evil Dead) or it’s just not been added to the site yet.

Carriers was such a movie recently reviewed, prompting discussions both here and through Twitter as to its validity as a zombie movie. (It is, just accept it). In order to restore balance to the Universe it’s time to go for a non-debatable, straight-up zombie movie! Well, that was the plan anyway but the movie that found its way into the DVD player was the Asian curio RE-CYCLE; a bizarre movie that might as well be a long dream sequence than an actual zombie movie.

Having said that it certainly deserves to be reviewed here, if not for the storyline (which most certainly would not be classed as a zombie movie) but for the dozens of genuinely unsettling undead ghouls roaming around and generally scaring the bejesus out of whoever is watching.

So what do these ghouls have to do with this crazy movie? Well the movie ponders what happens to those abandoned ideas, memories and even people who fall by the wayside as we go about our daily lives. (The long forgotten dead being such a case). The Directors ‘the Pang Brothers‘ do this by throwing the heroine of the film into a world of not only her own, but of the world’s discarded past; filled with lands of unread books, abandoned buildings and forgotten relatives which forces her to face some of the unpleasant abandoned areas of her own past in order to return to her waking life.

It’s more than just a bizarre dream trip on offer though; the opening 45 minutes are pure Asian-horror (definition: creepy in a way that no other culture have mastered) as the young lass – a successful writer struggling to put together her newest novel – sees glimpses of her discarded ideas given life to ‘haunt’ her flat, not only in the apparition way but also to leave creepy answering phone messages and even worse; leaving the taps running in the bath!

It’s a difficult movie to review. It certainly deserves to be seen, if not for the plot but for the beautiful cinematography (real and CGI) that truly adds to the dreamscape style. Is it a zombie movie? Not really. Does it have zombies in it? Most definitely. Is it incredibly scary in parts? Sure. Is it a bit preachy about abortion? Yes, if you want to take it as such. Is it gory? Not even slightly (as far as I remember). But is it good? Yes, without a doubt. It might depend on whether you choose to interpret ‘Abortion Land’ as just an interesting scene or as the entire meaning behind the movie, but there’s a lot more going on here than just being a movie about not abandoning and forgetting your past.

Gore Score E
Norks Score F
Originality Score A
Overall Score B+

One response to “Zombie Movie Review: Re-Cycle

  1. The undead in Re-Cycle scared me very badly. I know it was a good movie, and I’d like to watch it again, but the feeling it gave me stuck with me and I haven’t tried yet. I like that you thought enough of it to include it on your site.

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