Feature: Rob Zombie’s Favourite Zombie Movies, Reviewed

Rob Zombie Movie

Back in October 2010, Rob Zombie – Director of Halloween, House of 1000 Corpses and the stunningly brilliant The Devils Rejects (not forgetting his work in the band White Zombie where he wrote the lyrics and fronted the group) picked out his favourite Zombie Movies for the website The Daily Beast. Well, we at Devouring the Zombie Films of the Living don’t like to be one-upped by celebrities, so have decided to see which of the 10 living-dead films chosen by Mr Zombie have already been reviewed here.

Surprisingly two of the list have yet to be featured here, something that we will look to remedy in the near future. However for those interested here is the list, along with our own brief summary and links to the actual reviews here on DtZFotL.

  • Dawn of the Dead (1978) Certainly a classic, and one that brought make-up master Tom Savini into the big time. However, we’d rate this as #3 in the list of Romero zombie movies, behind Day of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead. (Flyboy is just such a damn idiot). It may be sacrilege to admit, but the Remake is actually more enjoyable to watch. (Send your hate mail to the usual address…)
  • White Zombie (1932) – This is the film that we can never get around to reviewing. It’s always “we’ll review this one next time” but then end up watching some trash like Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker instead and utterly regretting the decision minutes into it. We’ll review White Zombie next time, that’s a promise!
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968) – What can be said that hasn’t been written before? Seriously, if this hasn’t been watched then you’ve no business reading this website! Go on, get out of here, watch the damn movie and then come back and apologise! It’s OK to hate Barbra, she’s possibly the worst example of a cliche horror movie female. However don’t laugh (as I did) when she gets punched in the face, that’s probably a bit much. (As a side note, the Tom Savini directed remake is actually pretty good. It got hit pretty hard by the censors so much of the gore didn’t make it in there, but the film itself is well worth a watch. As remakes go it’s one of the better ones by quite a long way).
  • Zombie (1979) – OK, I can forgive Rob Zombie for calling it by the inferior name. Zombie Flesh Eaters is such a better title, surely? Anyway, regardless of the name this is hands-down the greatest zombie movie ever made. Take a look in the side-panel of this blog -> Which film is ranked at Number 1 is the list? Not only at the time of writing is it this masterpiece, but can you imagine anything taking its place in the future. Reading this post in the year 2045? Yup, Zombie Flesh Eaters will still be number one. A zombie fights a SHARK for goodness-sake! We wrote a post about this movies greatness over at our friends Blog of the Living Dead about how great this movie is.
  • Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1973) – Quite a strange choice by Mr Zombie. This movie must be an influence on the Evil Dead, as well as the 80’s comedy Weekend at Bernie’s. That’s a strange combination of films but it gets the idea across. Hanging out with a dead dude in a cabin in the woods. It’s all fun and games until some ‘bad stuff’ happens and the dead return to wreak some havoc.
  • 28 Days Later… (2002) – It actually came as quite a surprise that we haven’t featured this movie here. Yes, we’ve covered the sequel 28 Weeks Later, which is arguably an even better movie. 28 Days Later gave us the return of the Running Zombie (although this phenomenon isn’t really that new. the ones in Return of the Living Dead had a fair bit of pace in them back in the 1980’s). The atmosphere of ’28 days…’ it what sets it apart from the usual zombie-fare. Total zombie apocalypse, deserted streets, abandoned buildings. Urban horror has never been so well made. It does suffer in the second half where the whole tone switches and it becomes a tribute to Day of the Dead, but that can be forgiven as it’s done really rather well.
  • City of the Living Dead (1980) – Another Fulci movie makes the list, and quite a bizarre zombie movie it is. Teleporting ‘ghost’ zombies, vomited entrails and lots of spectacular gore! Part of the loose ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy, it is probably our favourite of the series (although The Beyond may just edge it depending on how we’re feeling that day). It’s worth checking out purely for the Drill scene alone.
  • Re-Animator (1985) – Proving that the music from Psycho works perfectly in comedy horror movies too, Re-animator is a work of genius. The greatest Mad Scientist movie ever made, which means it is to blame for spawning the multitude of awful zombie experiment movies too (Serum, i’m talking to you.) Its a near perfect film, and we may even get around to discussing the two sequels here at some point in the future too.
  • Zombie Lake (1981) – A surprise choice by Rob here, but by no means a mistake. Just as Zombie Flesh Eaters sits at the top of our Overall Top 3 list, Zombie Lake is top of the Norks chart too. Any zombie movie with an underwater nude volleyball scene involving a bus load of ladies and a lake full of zombies will take some beating. We very much approve of the choice by Mr Zombie. If you only ever watch one Nazi Zombie movie then it should be this one. Hilarious for all the wrong reasons (makeup, continuity, script and effects) Zombie Lake is a masterpiece of exploitation trash. In fact having thought about it this will probably get a re watch this afternoon, what better way to spend a sunny Sunday?

So there you have it. Do you agree with Mr Zombie’s choices? Barring 28 Days Later all these movies are pre 1985, reinforcing our opinion that the greatest zombie movie era was the late ’70’s. All we need now is for Mr Zombie to stop just writing lyrics about the undead and actually make a whole movie!


9 responses to “Feature: Rob Zombie’s Favourite Zombie Movies, Reviewed

  1. I think you’re in the minority going with the Zombie Flesh Eaters title. Most people do know the movie as Zombie or perhaps Zombi 2. Not saying that that’s the way it should be, but I don’t think Rob deserves a knock for that.
    The Dawn of the Dead remake is better than the original, I’ll say it as many times as I have to. As much as I respect Romero for ushering in the modern zombie, Night is really his only great movie.
    You can accuse me of not respecting the past, but I think the 2000s are the best time for zombies: Dawn of the Dead remake, 28 Days (and Weeks) Later, Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, The Horde, Pontypool, Dead Snow, REC/Quarantine!

    • Thanks for the mention of Pontypool. I hadn’t heard of that one and welcome any suggestions that rank high on the groove-meter. Those are some solid zombie movies you mentioned.

      Great avatar, by the way.

      Have a good one.

      • Pontypool is great. You should definitely check it out. Low on gore, but high on suspense and originality. I would also recommend Mutants and DIEner if you haven’t seen them yet.
        Thanks for the avatar compliment, it’s my own design.

      • Oh it has many names all over the world. I have a T-Shirt of this movie where it’s titled ‘L’enfer des zombies’. Basically “Hell Zombies”. I’ve also seen DVDs of it where it’s called “Island of the Living Dead” or “Island of the Flesh Eaters”.

        Zombie Movies are the worst for having different names throughout the world! It makes it pretty hard when shopping to make sure I don’t accidently buy a movie I already own just because it’s got a different name on the Dutch release.

  2. Being both a rabid zombie fan (rabies gets a bad rap. It’s actually a little fun to be rabid) and a huge fan of Rob Zombie, this get the awesome post award of the day.

    I’ve often wondered what Rob’s favorite zombie flicks are. I figured on Zombie Flesh Eaters, Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, those are no brainers (heheh), but some of the others make me want to be able to raise one eyebrow like Leonard Nimoy and Duane Johnson (aka The Rock). I’m going to watch a few of these in the upcoming weeks to see wherein lies the greatness. Besides, if Rob Zombie likes it, that means it’s cool. So there.

    I’m also going to practice raising one eyebrow to look all intelligent and quizzical. Important life skills.

    I enjoyed your remarks regarding his choices. You definitely sound like you know your zombie material. Respect.

    I’ve been wondering what the deal is with Rob not making a zombie movie. Seems kinda’ obvious, doesn’t it? Perhaps he’s got something cooking that he’ll bust out with one of these days and wow the entire world. Or at least all the zombie and horror fans. They’re the most important 🙂

    Thanks again for the post. Keep up the great work.

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